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​Index of SCAO-Approved Forms for Use in Alternative Dispute Resolution

This set of forms is used in alternative dispute resolution under MCR 2.410, MCR 2.411, and MCR 3.216. The forms may be filed in the circuit, district, or probate court as appropriate.

Previous Versions
Binding Arbitration Awardmc2843/09
MCR 2.410, MCR 3.602
Civil Mediator Applicationmc281a3/13
MCR 2.411(E)
Domestic Relations Mediator Applicationmc281b6/19
MCR 3.216(G)
(1/13) version can be used until 12/31/2019
Domestic Violence Screening for Referral to Mediationmc2823/08
Judgment Regarding Arbitration Awardmc2853/08
MCR 2.601, MCR 2.602, MCR 3.602
Mediation Status Reportmc2803/12
MCR 2.411(C)(3), MCR 3.216(H)(6)
Motion to Modify Order for Mediationmc2783/08
MCR 2.410(E)
Motion to Remove Case from Mediationmc2763/08
MCR 2.410(E), MCR 3.216(D)
Notice Regarding Court-Selected Mediatormc2758/00
MCR 2.411(B)
Order for Mediationmc2743/10
MCR 2.410(C), MCR 3.216(C)
Order on Motion to Remove Case from Mediationmc2773/08
MCR 2.410(E), MCR 3.216(D)
Stipulation for Mediationmc2798/00
MCR 2.411(B), MCR 3.216(A)