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SCAO-Approved ​Court Forms


Developing and Revising Court Forms

The Trial Court Services Division of the State Court Administrative Office is responsible for developing, revising, approving, and distributing court forms. Part of this process includes review and recommendation by the Michigan Court Forms Committee. The committee is comprised of eight work groups that include representatives from trial court associations, sections of the State Bar of Michigan, and state departments or agencies. The work groups meet annually to discuss requests for new forms and suggestions to revise existing forms received by the Trial Court Services Division.


Requests for new or revised forms are published on this website for a 45-day comment period. Comments received during this publication period are provided to the Michigan Court Forms Committee for discussion at its meetings. See Proposals for Comment for details.  


New forms and changes to existing forms approved by the committee are recommended to the State Court Administrator for final approval. Forms approved by the State Court Administrator are then distributed to trial courts, printers, publishers, and state departments and are posted on this website.  See Recently Revised Forms.


For additional details on the forms process, see Section 2-02, State Court Administrative Office Forms, in the Michigan Court Administration Reference Guide.

Comments and Requests

Any interested person may request that a new form be developed or an existing form be revised. Comments and requests may be made by mail, telephone, or email.


When making a request, provide sufficient information, including your name and e-mail address or telephone number, the form name and number, the reason for your inquiry, and any other information that will help us respond to your request.


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