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​Policies for Certification


Reciprocal Certification

A reporter or recorder certified in another state may apply to the board for certification based on the certification already obtained.

Temporary Certification

A new reporter or recorder may receive one temporary certification to enable him or her to work until the results of the next test are released. If the person does not take the test, the temporary certification may not be extended unless good cause is shown. If the person takes the test and fails, the board may extend the temporary certification.  Only Michigan courts and freelance court reporting firms whose program of supervision and training have been approved by the Court Reporting Board of Review may request temporary certification for their employees.  (Temporary certification application form scao74.pdf​)​

Renewal, Review, and Revocation of Certification

Certifications under this rule must be renewed annually through the Court Reporter and Recorder Certification System (CoRRecs). If you experience difficulty creating a user account, contact the Court Reporter and Recorder Program Assistant at The fee for renewal is $30. Renewal means both completing the renewal application and paying the renewal fee. Application for renewal and payment must be received by August 1. Late renewals will be charged an additional $100.
If a renewal application and/or payment has not been received by August 31, a written request must be sent to the Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review to complete the application process. The board may require certified reporters and recorders to submit information necessary to determine that the reporter or recorder has used his or her reporting or recording skills during the preceding year.
The board will review the certification of a reporter or recorder who has not used his or her skills in the preceding year, and will determine whether the certification of such a reporter or recorder may be renewed without the necessity of a certification test.
The board may review the certification of a reporter or recorder and may impose sanctions, including revoking the certification, for good cause after a hearing before the board.

If, after a reporter's or recorder's certification is revoked or voided by the board and a reporter or recorder applies to take the certification examination and passes, the board may issue a conditional certification for a prescribed period of time invoking restrictions or conditions that must be met for continued certification. At the end of the conditional period, an unconditional certification may be issued. Access application forms from this website.