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CWS Toolkit IconAdjudicatory Hearing (MCR 3.972)

The adjudicatory hearing, or “trial”, is the proceeding where the court determines whether factual grounds exist to take legal authority (wardship) of a child. A judge or attorney referee may conduct an adjudicatory hearing.  The allegations the child protective petition may be established by the plea of admission or no contest by a respondent, or by the finding of a judge or jury at a trial. For the court to make appropriate decisions at this critical juncture, a thorough set of facts must be presented accurately and objectively. Therefore, all parties involved should be prepared to provide the court with all relevant information necessary to make an appropriate decision. Preparation is the key for all parties. The respondent(s) and their attorneys must decide whether to admit, contest, or seek modification of the allegations of the child protective petition. The petitioner and their legal counsel must ensure that proof is available at trial to establish the allegations in the petition. The child’s L-GAL may make a recommendation to the fact finder regarding whether one or more grounds for jurisdiction have been established.  If the court concludes that the child is within the jurisdiction of the court, the court may order one or more of the dispositions contained in MCL 712A.18(1). The court may conduct the dispositional hearing immediately following adjudication.


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