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CWS Toolkit IconPreliminary Hearing (MCR 3.965/MCL 712A.11)

A preliminary hearing is a court proceeding to determine if the court should authorize the filing of a petition for formal court action. A petition may be authorized if probable cause exists to believe one or more of the allegations in the petition are true. This initial stage of the legal decision-making process facilitates the following purposes:

  • Notify the parents of the allegations, their rights and procedures
  • Assess the risk to the child
  • Determine proper venue
  • Determine jurisdictional facts
  • Consider a request for immediate protective placement
  • Initiate the consideration of appropriate relative placements
  • Initiate the collection of medical information about the child
  • Assess pre-trial parenting time issues
  • Initiate the discovery process
  • Inquire as to American Indian membership or eligibility to determine the application of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act and the Michigan Indian Family Preservation Act


A judge, attorney referee, or nonattorney referee may conduct a preliminary hearing. The court makes two chief decisions at a preliminary hearing: whether to authorize the filing of the petition, and if so, whether to order pretrial placement of the child. For the case to be considered for Title IV-E funding, the first court order authorizing the removal of the child from the home must include: (1) a finding that it is contrary to the child’s welfare to remain in the home, and the reasons why; (2) placement with DHS for care and supervision; and when possible (3) the reasonable efforts made to maintain the child in the home (the reasonable efforts finding must be made within 60 days of removal; however, best practice is to make the finding at the time of removal).


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MJI Child Protective Proceedings Benchbook--Preliminary Hearing

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Petition: Child Protective Proceedings (JC04b)
Request and Order for Appointed Attorney (JC102)
Order Appointing Attorney/L-GAL/GAL (JC03)
Order After Preliminary Hearing (JC11a)
Ex Parte Order to Take Children into Protective Custody (JC05b)
Waiver of Summons/Notice of Hearing (JC23)
Request and Order for Review of Referee Recommendation (JC42)

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