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Terms of Using This Service


This is a new service supported by the Michigan Supreme Court’s Administrative Office to provide a free, quick and easy way of resolving disputes that are typically filed as a small claims or landlord/tenant case in the district court.

Through MI-Resolve, parties can resolve their disputes online with or without the help of a mediator. Parties can also arrange to meet in person with a mediator or via videoconference. Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person (a mediator) helps parties identify a solution to a dispute that best works for them. Mediators do not take sides, evaluate claims, or provide legal advice.

To use the service, you must:

This service is most helpful for resolving disputes that involve:

A. Claims alleging that money is owed, contract disputes, and neighborhood disputes;

B. Landlord/tenant matters such as rent owed and repairs but that do not involve eviction proceedings;

C. Disputes where people are not represented by lawyers; and,

D. Disputes between only two people.