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​​State Court Administrative Office Approved Mediator Trainers

The following are currently approved trainers to provide MCR 2.411, MCR 3.216 and Domestic Violence Screening mediation training programs.​​​​​

Approved Civil mediator trainers

Allen, Tracy8/20/2024
Archerd, Erin5/17/2023
Barbro-Meiners, Francene5/30/2023
Burke, Charity6/6/2023
Dennis, Megan5/24/2022
Dulin, Belinda5/19/2023
Fifer, Anne Bachle8/28/2025
Harper, Dayna3/20/2022
Iverson, Dale9/6/2022
Johannessen, Barbara5/6/2025
Lauderdale, Anne7/28/2021
MacDougall, Peg4/10/2022
Millar, Jane8/20/2024
Pappas, Brian 10/8/2024
Schaedler, Phillip8/4/2025
Schneider, Lawrence4/10/2022
Tye, Lindsay5/27/2024

​Approved domestic relations and dv screening trainers​

Baggett-Hayes, Earlene2/27/20254/23/2023
Burke, Charity7/1/20235/3/2022
Joseph, Wanda7/20/2020
MacDougall, Peg5/16/2021
Pappas, Brian 3/14/2022
Raheem, Antoinette2/27/20254/23/2023
Zumeta, Zena4/14/20212/10/2025
Gluth, Carissa7/27/2020
Harper, Dayna7/27/20205/3/2022
Rogan, Rebecca5/19/2020
Thronson, Veronica6/25/2022
Dennis, Megan5/3/2022
Tye, Lindsay5/3/2022
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