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Sponsored by​ the Michigan Supreme Court's State Court Administrative Office​

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MI-Resolve: A New Way to Resolve Disputes Online

“Making court services more accessible means opening both real and virtual courtroom doors. With the help of groundbreaking services such as MI-Resolve, Michigan is a national leader in boosting access to justice online.”

– Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack​​​​​


Recent Coverage​

​Michigan Supreme Court offers new online program to solve small disputes

What if you could solve a problem you're having with a neighbor, a landlord, or even a contract, without going to court? Mi-Resolve, a new online mediation program through the Michigan Supreme Court can help.​

–abc12, August 2019

NE Michigan can avoid court in civil fights

A civil dispute doesn’t have to mean a day in court, thanks to the Michigan Supreme Court.

–The Alpena News, August 2019


New Michigan court program c​ould let you resolve legal disputes for free online​
If you've​ got an issue with your landlord, a friend who owes you money or a serious pr​oblem with your neighbors, you may not have to take it to court.​ 

–Detroit Free Press, August 2019

LegalNews.pngMichigan Supreme Court announces MI-Resolve

Online mediation service helps residents resolve disputes without going to court

–Legal News, August 2019

WWMTs.pngMI Resolve: New, free tool launched by state Supreme Court working to close justice gap​​​​

More than 2 million Michiganders qualify for assistance when dealing with civil legal issues, but the resources to help aren’t always available.​ 

​–WWMT, August 2019​

MI-Resolve provides online access to settle small legal claims

Some Michigan residents can now mediate small legal claims such as landlord issues and debts for free from their couch.

–The Center Square, August 2019

NewsHerald.pngNew online tool looks to increase ease of, access to dispute resolution

A new online tool aims to help Wayne County residents resolve certain disputes from their computers and cellphones.

–News-Herald, August 2019

MichiganAdvance2.pngMichigan Supreme Court debuts online mediation service

The Michigan Supreme Court this week announced MI-Resolve, a new, free online mediation service available in 17 counties that can help people avoid court for some cases.​

–Michigan Advance, August 2019

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​​Press Release

​Michigan Supreme Court Announces Groundbreaking MI-Resolve Online Mediation Program​​

Online mediation service helps residents resolve disputes without going to court

LANSING, MI, August 7, 2019 – The Michigan Supreme Court today announced the availability of MI-Resolve, an online service that provides an efficient and affordable way of resolving disputes that are typically filed as small claims, general civil, or landlord-tenant cases in the district court. Initially available in 17 counties (see map​), the online service is one of the first of its kind in the nation.​

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