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​Foster Care Review Board Volunteers


The State Court Administrative Office of the Michigan Supreme Court is currently seeking volunteers to serve on the County Foster Care Review Boards. The Michigan Legislature established the Foster Care Review Board Program in 1984 in an effort to improve children's foster care programs through the state utilizing citizen review boards.


Board Responsibilities

The five member board meets one day each month to review a representative sample of cases of children who have been removed from their homes and placed in foster care due to abuse or neglect. At these reviews, board members interview parents, foster parents, caseworkers, attorneys, and other interested parties who may be involved in planning for the ward. Advisory recommendations are formulated and mailed to the court, child welfare agency, prosecuting attorney, parents, and other interested parties. The purpose of the review is to insure that all agencies, including the court, have established a plan for the ward and progress is being made toward achieving permanency.


Board Membership

The Foster Care Review Boards are comprised of citizens who reflect a broad cross section of their communities. Minorities and men are especially encouraged to apply. The Program is seeking volunteers who have demonstrated leadership in other settings. Employees of the Family Independence Agency, family court, or private child placement agencies are prohibited by law to serve on Foster Care Review Boards.



Each volunteer who is selected must attend a two-day orientation training in Lansing in late April or early May.   Board members also attend a yearly training that is held in different locations throughout the state in early November.  These trainings are free of charge and travel expenses are reimbursed pursuant to state guidelines.

​Staff Contact

James Novell

(313) 972-3280

​Volunteer Application

The Foster Care Review Board Program accepts new volunteer applications throughout the year.  
Interviews with prospective candidates take place in January, February, and March of each year.