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MiFILE Program Overview

​Why e-Filing?

E-Filing is the technology that allows litigants to electronically file case documents, such as pleadings, motions, and petitions. Courts across the country who have adopted this technology have:

“What used to take a transaction of seven minutes with a customer at the front counter to process their paperwork now takes less than one minute.”

–Jennifer Howden, Oakland County Deputy Court Clerk, MiFILE Pilot Court

    • ​​Improved service to the public,
    • Made access to courts easier,
    • Provided flexibility to litigants, and
    • Become more efficient through electronic receipt, processing and storage

What is MiFILE?

MiFILE is the statewide e-Filing system sponsored by the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO). The purpose of this system is to provide litigants the means to electronically file documents in any Michigan court, 24 hours a day, without traveling to a courthouse and waiting in line. It also provides litigants a means to serve one another with documents and to electronically receive notifications and documents from the courts.


What progress has been made to date?

SCAO, with assistance from key stakeholders, obtained legislation authorizing and funding the implementation, operation, and maintenance of a statewide e-Filing and electronic document management system. Legislation took effect January 1, 2016.

To solicit viable vendors for the e-Filing and electronic document management system, SCAO partnered with Gartner Consulting to gather input from stakeholders across the legal community and then published a Request for Proposal (RFP). ImageSoft, a Michigan-based vendor with a history of proven success in courts across the state, was chosen from this RFP.
MiFILE Pilot Courts
​3rd Circuit (Wayne County)
​6th Circuit (Oakland County)

​13th Circuit (Antrim, Grand Traverse, and Leelanau counties)

​16th Circuit (Macomb County)
​20th Circuit (Ottawa County)

Following the contract signing on May 1, 2017, SCAO and ImageSoft initiated efforts to transition the five e-Filing pilot courts to the MiFILE system by year end. To establish a framework for expanding MiFILE to all courts, SCAO also recommended court rule amendments fundamental to the use of MiFILE and an e-Filing environment. These rules were adopted by the Supreme Court and are effective January 1, 2018.


To prepare for implementation in all courts across the state, SCAO has: met with the pilot courts, developed a rollout strategy, gathered information about court readiness via surveys, and conducted research on the technology needs of judges. Additional research efforts have also begun in areas such as waiver of filing fees, exemption from e-Filing, and self-represented litigants, with findings to be reviewed with the e-Filing advisory group.


What should I expect next? 


Timeline imageImplementation timelines - Now that MIFILE is implemented in the pilot courts, SCAO will begin implementing the rest of the courts. Regular updates to the statewide implementation timelines will be posted on the SCAO website.


training imageTraining - ImageSoft will provide system training through various training methods to court clerks, staff, judges, and filers during and after implementation. SCAO will participate and weigh in as needed.


computer iconOngoing Support - ImageSoft will provide ongoing support to courts during and after implementation. ImageSoft will also provide support for filers.


Getting involved- Throughout this multi-year implementation, there will be a variety of ways to get involved, such as participating in advisory groups to provide input on system modifications and policy/procedure recommend.


Where can I find more information?

  • Filer questions related to a specific case and/or court process should be directed to the appropriate Court. Please use the links above for contact information link
  • Filers who need to register for an account on MiFILE:
  • Filers interested in training material:​
  • Filers requiring technical support can contact MiFILE team via email or phone. Be sure to have the following information available: the court you’re filing in, case number and detailed description of the issue. Support is available Monday – Friday (excluding Michigan Government Holidays): 9am – 6pm ET. You can email or call at (855) 959-8868

Rules and Standards


Q. Will e-Filing be mandatory?


A. E-Filing will be mandatory for all filers for eligible case types, with limited exceptions. All courts will be required to accept electronically filed documents for all eligible case types.


Q. Will the Michigan Court Rules be amended to facilitate use of the MiFILE system?


A. Yes, the Michigan Court Rules will be amended to produce changes in procedure and practice necessary for electronic filing. The Michigan Supreme Court has posted the rules for comment here, and we encourage you to review and comment.​

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