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Rollout Strategy Overview

What is MiFILE?


MiFILE is the statewide e-Filing system sponsored by the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO). The purpose of this system is to provide litigants the means to electronically file documents in any Michigan court, 24 hours a day, without traveling to a courthouse and waiting in line. It will also allow litigants to serve one another with documents and to electronically receive notifications and documents from the courts. MiFILE will be implemented at all courts (i.e., district, circuit, and probate) and for every eligible case type.


How is MiFILE being rolled out?

  • E-Filing pilot courts have been implemented first. The five circuit courts piloting e-Filing systems authorized by the Supreme Court have been implemented. Find contact information here link
  • E-Filing will be implemented in the remaining courts over the course of several years.  Statewide rollout will begin in 2018 and will occur in the waves depicted on the map. Courts slated for an e-Filing launch in 2018 include Waves 1 and 2. As the project moves forward, we will contact the courts in each wave about their timelines.
  • Model courts will be implemented during Wave 1. During 2018, SCAO will work with all courts via advisory workgroups and other methods to design the solution for each court type and every eligible case type. The 37th District Court (Warren), Ottawa County Probate Court, and 22nd Circuit Court (Washtenaw County) have agreed to work with SCAO as model courts, aiding in the development of the solution for these court types.​

Rollout Strategy graphic

MiFILE Pilot Courts
​3rd Circuit (Wayne County)
​6th Circuit (Oakland County)

​13th Circuit (Antrim, Grand Traverse, and Leelanau counties)

​16th Circuit (Macomb County)
​20th Circuit (Ottawa County)

How were the implementation waves determined?

  • The implementation waves were determined by analyzing two key factors: geographic location and filing volumes. This methodology helps us to achieve uniformity for filers in the shortest period of time.

Do I need​ to do anything before my implementation wave begins?

  • Prior to your implementation, we ask that courts work with SCAO, ImageSoft, and any current IT vendors to support integration activities with your Case Management System (CMS) and Document Management Systems (DMS).
  • As appropriate, please provide input on system modifications and policy/procedure recommendations.
  • The MiFILE team will contact courts between three to six months prior to when their respective court implementation is scheduled to launch. During this stage, SCAO will solicit information necessary to analyze each court’s readiness in relation to the MiFILE application, the use of technology in general, and organization of the court.

When will my cour​t be implemented?

  • ​The five e-Filing pilot courts have been implemented first. Beginning in 2018, e-Filing will be implemented in waves in the remaining courts over the course of several years.

Will all case types be required to be e-Filed?

  • The long-term objective is for all eligible case types to be e-Filed.

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