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Business Court Opinion Standards

Case Type List​​

Revised Case-Type Code for Business Court

Model LAO 40 - Plan for the Creation of a Specialized Business Court​


Business Court Orders and Statutes:

Administrative Order 2013-6 - Implementation of Business Court Standards

ADM File No. 2012-36 - Amendment of Rule 2.112 and Rule 8.119 of the Michigan Court Rules

MCL 600.8031 - Definitions; business or commercial disputes.

MCL 600.8033 - Business court; operation; plan; administrative order; purpose.

MCL 600.8035 - Business court; jurisdiction; venue; assignment.

MCL 600.8037 - Business court; judges.

MCL 600.8039 - Commencement of action; electronic filing; standards; availability of written opinions; practice and procedure.

MCL 600.8041 - Appeal.

MCL 600.8043

- Judges; training.

MCL 600.8045 - Fees

MCL 600.8047 - Case pending on pilot business court docket.



​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Business courts are intended to provide a case management structure that facilitates more timely, effective, and predictable resolution of complex business cases.  Specialized dockets improve the efficiency of the courts, which benefits all litigants.


Effective October 17, 2012, Public Act 333 requires circuit courts with three or more judges to create a specialized business court docket.  Any case that has a business or commercial dispute as defined in the act, whether in the initial pleading or added later, must be placed on the business docket, even if the case also contains nonbusiness claims.  Courts with less than three circuit judges may, but are not required to, have a business court.


Each business court shall develop a local administrative order (LAO) for operation of its business court docket.  That LAO must be approved by the State Court Administrative Office in accordance with MCR 8.112(B).  


As you begin the process of developing your specialized business court plan, give consideration to judges with some expertise and interest in business law.





 Business Court Opinions Counts