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Web-TCS: Making Your Job Easier

What is Web​​​TCS?

We have enhanced our Trial Court System (TCS) with a web interface that give​s it a modern look and feel without sacrificing its ease of use. 

In our effort to design a better system, JIS collected feedback from Court staff across the state. We learned that a system that unified Circuit, Probate, and Juvenile Courts software would be crucial for better record-keeping, case flow management, and administrative reporting. We took the best features from our Circuit and Probate software and merged them into a single, powerful system. 

JIS recognizes that each Court has individual and very specific needs, and it was important that this new software allow each county to set up their Circuit, Juvenile and Probate courts in the manner that best suits their needs.​​


Benefits of a Web-based ​​App​lication


  ✔ ​Acce​ss from ​​anywhere  ✔ Familiar Interface  ✔ ​Real-time Release

  ✔ Resources at your fingertips  ✔ Single sign-on​​


Applicatio​n Highlights​​

1. Nam​e Bas​ed Application

2. Financial

a. Joint & Several Restitution ​

b. Includes Collection components 

3. Interfaces

a. Prosecutor Interface

b. District Court Interface 

c. CHR (Criminal History Reporting/MSP)

d. Secretary of State Abstract 

e. Document Imaging 

4. Mass Reassignment for Professionals

5. Internal notes available at multiple levels

6. SCAO approved forms

a. Pre-populated with case information

b. Expandable​ Line

c. Options for Court and User setup preferences


7. Includes all SCAO required reports

a. Caseload

b. Outstanding Receivables

c. Delay In Criminal Proceedings

d. Delay in Matters Submitted

8. MiCOURT Suite Tools

a. Calendar Integration

b. Case Search

c. Court Display

d. Public Docket URL

e. Digital Recording (DCR) Interface

f. Reminders (Coming Soon!)