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​Zip Files Tips

This website offers zip files as a way to group and distribute COA opinions and Supreme Court opinions and orders for a given release date. These zip files may contain one or more files and are compressed to save space and enable an efficient file transfer operation, or "download." 
Keep in mind that this page is intended to facilitate the process of downloading recent opinions and orders. For Court of Appeals opinion releases, the page has a 28-day history; after 28 days, the links for the zip file are no longer available. For Supreme Court opinion releases, the page has a 90-day history. For Supreme Court orders, the page has a 28-day history.

Release Date

The Michigan Court of Appeals typically releases opinions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except on Court Holidays. The zip files are generated and made available online on the next business day by approximately 9:00 a.m.
The Michigan Supreme Court releases opinions and orders on a random schedule. Decisions are released throughout the term, following oral arguments. Again, the zip file would be generated and made available on-line on the next business day by approximately 9:00 a.m.


For any specific release date in the Court of Appeals section, several download options are available, which may include All, Published, and Unpublished. These options determine which related files are included in the zip file. You can select which option you would like to use for the download.
  • All - downloads the full set of opinions for a release date.
  • Published - downloads only published opinions for a release date.
  • Unpublished - downloads only unpublished opinions for a release date.
  • Advance Sheets - downloads the edited versions of published opinions that will appear in a Michigan Appeals Reports Advance Sheet.
It is possible to have only Unpublished opinions for a release date. In that case, the Unpublished and All zip files are identical and a zip file is not available for Published opinions.

File Size

This field indicates the size of the zipped file. The size varies with the number of opinions that are grouped together and compressed to create the zip file. In general, the zip files are fairly small and will not take long to download.

Created or Creation

This column lists the date the zip file was created. This is typically the day after the release date.

Working with the Zip Files Page

Sort or Filter the List of Zip Files

The list of zip files can be sorted or filtered according to the Type, Name, File Size or Created columns. You can sort and filter the list by selecting the appropriate option in the drop-down of the column header. This might be a helpful way to locate files you want to download. 

Download the Zip File

If you have identified a release date, and determined the type of zip file you would like, then you are ready to download the zip file. 


  1. To download the zip file, click on the desired Name hyperlink.
  2. The File Download dialog box displays. Select the Save option. 
  3. The Save As dialog box displays. Specify a location for the zipped file and click OK.
  4. If necessary, close the Download Complete dialog box.
  5. Unzip the file to extract all files. Once unzipped, the individual opinions are available in PDF format. The filename includes the 6-digit docket number.