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​Court Policies

ADA Policy

The Court of Appeals strives to provide full and equal access to the Court by qualified individuals with disabilities. To that end, the Court will make reasonable efforts to enable individuals with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 USC 12101 et seq., to participate in and benefit from the services, programs and activities of the Court. Requests for accommodations, as well as questions, concerns, or comments about the Court’s adherence to the ADA, should be directed to the Court’s ADA Coordinator, Angela DiSessa, at (248) 524-8710 or

ADA Policy

ADA Accommodations Request Form



In accordance with Supreme Court Administrative Order 2013-8, the Court of Appeals has established this Language Access Plan (LAP) to provide for the language access needs of court users.  The purpose of the plan is to provide a framework for the provision of timely and effective language assistance to persons who encounter the Court, and who do not speak English as his or her primary language.


Language Access Plan

This file contains Court of Appeals Admi​nistrative Order 2014-01, which establishes the Language Access Plan (LAP).


Media Policy

The Michigan Court of Appeals follows the procedure outlined in the Michigan Supreme Court's Administrative Order
1989-1. A full review of that order will be very helpful in deciding whether and how to cover oral arguments.


Media requests must be submitted in writing, preferably on SCAO approved form MC 27 (2/89), to the Clerk's Office. In most cases, a request can be handled more quickly if it is filed in the district office where the oral argument is scheduled to be heard. A request should be made not less than three business days before the date of oral argument to ensure the timely submission of the request to the case call panel. Requests filed less than three days before oral argument may not be timely submitted to the panel or may provide cause for denying the request.


The presiding judge of the panel has discretion regarding all requests.


Media Coverage of Oral Argument

This file contains Michigan Supreme Court's Administrative Order 1989-1, which governs the procedure for media requests.

 Request for Film and Electronic Media Coverage

​This file contains a request form for media coverage of court proceedings.

Weapons Policy

In accordance with Const 1963, Article 6, sections 1, 4, and 5 of the Michigan Constitution, and Administrative Order
2001-1, the Weapons Policy linked below is adopted for the Court of Appeals.

Weapons Policy


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