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​​Pro Per Manuals

The Court of Appeals’ Clerk’s Office offers several manuals to help lay people appearing in propria persona make accurate filings on appeal. The “Guide to Handling a Civil Appeal” is an all new manual published in August 2020 to guide individuals through the appellate process for an appeal in a civil case. The Clerk’s Office hopes to publish a similar manual addressing criminal appeals in the near future. In the meantime, the Appellant and Appellee Manuals, which have been in publication for many years, can be used to assist in filing criminal appeals. These manuals provide general information on what is involved in filing an appeal.They include several forms and examples, but they do not provide legal advice. 

The provision of these manuals on the Court of Appeals web site should not be viewed as encouragement to individuals to represent themselves before the Court. The decision whether to file an appeal without an attorney deserves serious consideration based on each individual's personal circumstances.




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