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February 2021 Michigan Bar Exam

​Held February 23-24, 2021

​​All items pertaining to the upcoming February 2021 bar exam will be placed on this page. Applicants have the affirmative obligation to frequently check the Board’s website, where updates, instructions, and other vital information will be provided.
January 14, 2021

January 8, 2021

December 10, 2020
February 2021 Michigan Bar Exam ​Initial Information​ 

December 4, 2020

Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-22

The February 2021 Michigan bar exam will be conducted online February 23-24, 2021. The format will follow the traditional format, consisting of an essay portion and the full 200 question Multistate Bar Examination (MBE).

For applicants who do not wish to test in February 2021, applications to sit for the February 2021 bar examination will automatically be transferred to the July 2021 bar examination. In addition, applicants who wish to transfer their application to the next available examination should notify the Board of that decision no later than February 1, 2021, by email at Transfer fees will not be charged. Applicants who wish to withdraw from the process and notify the Board of that withdrawal by email, no later than February 1, 2021, will have their examination fees refunded by the Board and their character and fitness fees refunded by the State Bar of Michigan.