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​​​Forms for Self-Represented Litigants

​The forms linked to this page can be used for civil and criminal applications, common motions, a notice of filing, and proof of service. The forms are designed for use by self-represented litigants but may be used by attorneys as well. If you experience any problems with the forms, or if you want to suggest improvements or additional form types, please contact the Clerk's Office at (517) 373-0120 or


Civil Application for Leave to Appeal​

This form is to be used in both criminal and civil cases when the filer cannot afford to pay the fees established by statute.  It requires the filers to reveal whether they are receiving public assistance of any type and to disclose the extend of their assets and liabilities.  Generally, if the Court of Appeals granted a fee waiver in the case, the Supreme Court will do the same. This form cannot be used by incarcerated persons who are filing a civil application or original action because MCL 600.2963 precludes the waiver of the fees.  

Motion to Temporarily Waive Fees

This form is for use by incarcerated persons who are filing civil applications for leave to appeal. By statute, the fees in these cases cannot be waived altogether but you may be entitled to file a partial, reduced fee to initiate the case. 

Motion to Add Issue

Use this form when you are seeking to add new issues that was not raised in the Court of Appeals. 

Motion to Extend the Time for Filing

This motion can be used only when seeking to extend the time for filing a document with a non-jurisdictional deadline. It cannot be used to extend the time for filing an application for leave to appeal or motions for rehearing or reconsideration.  Those deadlines are considered jurisdictional and cannot be extended by the Court. 

Motion to Exceed Page Limit

You should make every effort to stay within the page limitations for applications, answers, replies, motions, and briefs because the Court disfavors pleadings in excess of the page limitations.  If you simply cannot stay within the page limitation for your document, use this motion to explain why and to ask the Court to accept the additional pages.  If the Court denies the motion, you will be given some period of time, usually 14 or 21 days, to file a document within the page limitation. If you fail to file the conforming document, the submitted document will be stricken, which might result in the dismissal of the entire case.  

Motion to File Brief Amicus Curiae

Occasionally, a person who is not specifically associated with a case wants to file a document in support of or in opposition to the case, which is pending on application or is to be scheduled for argument.  This form can be used for that purpose. However, you should not attempt to argue the merits of a different case under the guise of being an amicus brief. The Court will deny your motion to file the amicus brief and will not grant any relief in the other case.   

Motion to Remand

Use this form to ask the Court to return the case to the Court of Appeals or trial court for the purpose of conducting a hearing, finding additional facts, or making a legal ruling.  

Motion for Rehearing

Use this form to ask the Court to reconsider a decision that was made via an opinion regardless whether the case had oral arguments.  

Motion for Reconsideration

Use this form to ask the Court to reconsider a decision that was made via an order, even when the case had oral arguments.  

Proof of Service

This form is used to verify to the Court that you have providing the opposing parties or their attorneys with the documents that you filed with the Court.  Failure to file a proof of service might result in the administrative dismissal of your case.  

Notice of Filing

This form is to be submitted to the Court of Appeals and the trial court or tribunal to provide them with notice that you filed an application for leave to appeal or original action with the Supreme Court.