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​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NOTE: The court rule citations below are to the amended rules that took effect September 1, 2015.  

What are the filing fees in the Michigan Supreme Court?

The filing fees are set by statute, MCL 600.244, and are also enumerated in the court rules, MCR 7.319(C)(3). 
  •  $375 for an application for leave to appeal or an original proceeding.
  • $150 for motions for immediate consideration and to expedite the appeal except that prosecutors do not have to pay this fee if the appeal arises out of a criminal proceeding and the defendant is represented by a court-appointed lawyer.
  • $75 for all other motions.  

Can the Fees be waived? if so, how do I obtain a waiver?

Yes, court fees may be waived for an indigent party in most cases.* A party who is unable to pay a filing fee should file a motion and an affidavit of indigency requesting a fee waiver and disclosing the reason(s) for the inability to pay.  If the party’s filing fees were waived by the Court of Appeals, they will likely also be waived by the Supreme Court. There is no charge for filing a motion to waive fees.  But if the motion is denied, you will have to pay the fee for the underlying filing.  MCR 7.319(C).

[*Under MCL 600.2963, fees for prisoners under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections cannot be waived when the prisoner is an appellant in a civil appeal.]


How many copies do i need to file?

Effective January 1, 2018, only one signed copy of any document type has to be filed with the Court.  

If you electronically file your documents through the Court’s e-filing system, MiFILE, you do not have to submit any paper copies.  Administrative Order No. 2014-23, sec. II(A).


How should I bind my papers?

Please do not use staples, plastic covers, ring binders, edge binding of any type, or folders to bind hard copy filings.  Instead, use a large binder clip or rubber band. This facilitates the scanning of documents by the Clerk's Office.  


what color paper must i use for the cover page of briefs and appendixes in cases where
leave to appeal has been granted?

     Appellant's brief = blue

     Appellee's brief = red

     Reply brief = gray

     Intervenor/Amicus brief = green

     Appendixes (of any party) = yellow  

See MCR 7.312(C) & (D).

If you are e-filing the pleading, do NOT use color covers for any document type because they do not print out well when copies are made.  


where do i file my papers?

The Clerk's Office on the 4th floor of the Hall of Justice in Lansing is the only location where papers can be filed. Documents may also be electronically filed with MiFILE using any computer with an Internet connection.  Administrative Order No. 2014-23.


what are the office hours for filing papers?

The Clerk's Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including over the lunch hour, Monday through Friday, except on 
Court holidays.  Documents may be electronically filed 24 hours a day, seven days a week (with occasionally outages for scheduled maintenance).  Documents submitted to MiFILE​ before 11:59:59 PM on a business day are docketed as being received that day.  Administrative Order No. 2014-23, sec. IX.


 how do court holidays affect my due date?

If the due date of your pleading falls on a Court holiday, the due date becomes the next business day following that holiday.  Holidays that occur during the filing period but do not fall on your due date have no effect on the due date. 
MCR 1.108(1).


when is my application or brief due?

Due date of application for leave to appeal ​before a Court of Appeals decision on the merits, MCR 7.305(C)(1):

  • 42 days after the claim or application is filed with the Court of Appeals or 42 days after the Court of Appeals order granting the application for leave to appeal.  

Due date of application for leave to appeal after the Court of Appeals decision, MCR 7.305(C)(2):

  • Criminal = 56 days.
  • Civil = 42 days.
  • Termination of parently rights = 28 days.

Due date of application for leave to appeal from an Attorney Discipline Board order of discipline or dismissal, MCR 7.305(C)(3):

  • 28 days.

Due date of application for leave to appeal as cross-appellant, MCR 7.307(A): 

  • 28 days after the application is filed.  


Due date of briefs when leave to appeal is granted:

  • Appellant's brief = 56 days after the order granting leave, MCR 7.312(E)(1).
  • Appellee's brief = 35 days after the appellant's brief is served, MCR 7.312(E)(2).
  • Reply brief = 21 days aft the appellee's brief is served, MCR 7.312(E)(3).
  • Amicus curiae brief = 21 days after the appellee's brief is filed.  MCR 7.312(H)(3).


Due date of briefs when the Court directs oral argument on the application:

  • ​Appellant's and appellee's briefs = On or before the time period stated in the Court's order.
  • Amicus curiae brief = The same time that the appellant's reply is due, i.e., usually 14 days after service of the appellee's brief.  .


To determine the due date for filing your application, pleading or order, start counting on the day after the triggering act or event (e.g., the Court of Appeals decision), not the day of the act or event.  The time period begins running the day after the triggering act or event regardless whether it falls on a weekend or Court holiday.  Because the filing periods are usually expressed in multiples of “7,” the due date should fall on the same day of the week as the triggering event.  For example, if Court of Appeals issued its opinion in a criminal case on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, the application for leave to appeal would be due on Wednesday, August 5, 2015, which is 56 days after the date of the Court of Appeals decision.  If the due date happens to fall on a weekend, Court holiday, or day on which the Court is closed pursuant to court order, the pleading is due the next business day.  MCR 1.108.


MAY i request an extension for filing my appeal?

While a case is pending before the Court, you may request extensions of time for most pleadings by filing a motion requesting the same.  MCR 7.311 & 7.316(B).  However, the court rules explicitly provide that the Court will not accept a motion to file a late application for leave to appeal or a late motion for reconsideration.  MCR 7.316(B).


how long will it take the court to make a decision on my application for leave to appeal?

At present, it takes six to eight months on average after the filing of an application for leave to appeal for the Court to render its decision.  But some cases may be decided much sooner and some much later depending on the specifics of the case.    


how do i obtain a certificate of good standing and how much does it cost?

Forms for order a certificate of good standing by mail or email can be found on the Attorney Certification page​ of the Court's website. 


whom should i contact if i have additional questions?

Please phone the Clerk's Office at (517) 373-0120 during business hours if you have additional questions.  
We are happy to help you understand and navigate the appellate process, although we are strictly prohibited from offering legal advice.