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Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 2020-16, the deadlines for filing documents with the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals will begin running again on June 8, 2020.​

Administering Oaths of Admission to the State Bar

Consistent with Administrative Order 2020-2, as extended by AO 2020-5, courts are encouraged to handle new attorney admissions to the State Bar either by two-way interactive video technology or by telephone to the extent possible.  Specifically, the steps for confirming the motion for admission and for administering the oath may be done remotely, and not in person as would otherwise be r​​equired by State Bar Rule 15, Section 3.  The exchange of requisite documents, such as the letter of recommendation from the Board of Law Examiners and the prepared order of admission, may be accomplished via email.  After being sworn in, the applicant must mail the payment and the signed oath to the court.  The court should file a signed order of admission with the county clerk, who is responsible for transmitting the certified order of admission to the Supreme Court and the State Bar of Michigan.  The certified order for the Supreme Court may be emailed to  

Michigan Supreme Court Internal Operating Procedures (IOPs)

The Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce the availability of the Supreme Court’s Internal Operating Procedures (IOPs) that interpret and implement the Subchapter 7.300 court rules.  The IOPs are bookmarked and include a hyperlinked table of contents and index for easier navigation. 


MCR 7.300 IOPs
 (PDF version only)

Please provide any comments or suggestions regarding the IOPs to the Clerk’s Office by email at or by phone at (517) 373-0120.​​


Michigan Supreme Court Rules of Etiquette & Conduct

The ​​​​​​Michigan Supreme Court Rules of Etiquette and Conduct is a two-page brochure that provides important information to practitioners and members of the general public about properly conducting one's self inside the Michigan Hall of Justice, especially while observing or participating in oral arguments in the Supreme Court courtroom.



The Michigan Supreme Court's Processing of Cases and Administrative Matters Guide is an overview of the internal practices and procedures utilized by the Court in processing appeals, original actions and administrative matters. It is a good resource for new filers as well as seasoned practitioners to understand how their cases are handled and how best to serve their clients in the process.


Guide for Counsel in Cases to be Argued in the Michigan Supreme Court

The Guide for Counsel in Cases to Be Argued in the Michigan Supreme Court was prepared by Supreme Court staff with extensive input from numerous respected practitioners. Topics include preparation for oral argument, filing, brief writing tips, oral argument procedures, and more. It is especially designed for those attorneys making their first appearance before the Court. The guide includes general information plus a directory of offices and programs. 


Pro se FORMS

The Clerk’s Office of the Michigan Supreme Court has designed two forms for use by unrepresented litigants in preparing applications for leave to appeal in civil and criminal cases. The forms satisfy the formatting and structural requirements of the court rules if they are completed in accordance with the accompanying instructions. The instructions and forms are not intended to provide legal advice on whether you should file the application, what factual information you should include, or what issues you should raise and argue. Providing these forms should not be viewed as encouraging anyone to act in propria persona (i.e., without the assistance of counsel) in the Supreme Court. There are many strategic and procedural decisions that must be made during the appeal process, and an attorney’s assistance might be critical to the success of your application. 

Forms for the most common types of motions, for a proof of service, and for a notice of filing are available on the Pro Se Forms page.  Attorneys are also welcome to use the forms. 

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