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image: Journalist's HandbookA Journalist's Handbook about Michigan Courts​

A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Michigan State Courts is a resource for media—and anyone else who is interested in learning about the Michigan justice system.


With input from lawyers, judges, and veteran reporters, A Journalist’s Guide offers a look at Michigan state courts from a reporter’s perspective. In addition to an overview of Michigan state courts, the guide covers access to court files and proceedings, trial publicity, and cameras in the courts. Also included are basic criminal and civil procedure, a glossary of legal terms, an overview of the attorney and judicial discipline systems, and more.


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1.29MB PDF; 109 pages


Hard copies may be ordered by contacting the Office of Public Information at 517-373-0129 or

Office of Public Information
Michigan Supreme Court
P.O. Box 30052
Lansing, MI 48909

Fax: (517) 373-9831


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A Journalist's Guide to Covering Michigan State Courts, is above all else, about helping the reporter and commentator to understand the process of justice. The guide covers the state justice system from its structure to basic procedures to terminology.