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2019 Michigan Supreme Court Bench

Michigan Supreme Court Bench, March 2019
front row, left to right: Justice Stephen J. Markman, Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack, Justice Brian K. Zahra.
back row, left to right: Justice Elizabeth T. Clement, Justice David F. Viviano, Justice Richard Bernstein, and 
Justice Megan K. Cavanagh.



Justice Bridget Mary McCormack

Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack


Image: Justice Brian K. Zahra 

Justice Brian K. Zahra



Image: Justice David F. Viviano 

Justice David F. Viviano


Image: Justice Richard Bernstein 

Justice Richard Bernstein


Justice Elizabeth T. Clement

​ ​​​​

Justice Elizabeth M. Welch 

Justice Elizabeth M. Welch