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149494 - Makenzie Greer v Advantage Health

Makenzie Greer, a minor, and Kenneth Greer, Individually and as Conservator, and Elizabeth Greer,
Jonathan S. Damon
(Appeal from Ct of Appeals)
(Kent – Redford, J.)
Advantage Health and Anita R. Avery, M.D.,
Marcy R. Matson


This case concerns the birth of Makenzie Greer. Joint and several claims of negligence were filed against all defendants attending mother Elizabeth Greer during the delivery of Makenzie, which resulted in injury to both Elizabeth and Makenzie. This Court is being asked to determine whether Makenzie is entitled to recover the full amount of her invoiced medical expenses even though Makenzie’s health care insurers paid Makenzie’s health care providers a lesser discounted amount. The Court is also being asked to determine whether the judgment must be reduced by the entire amount of a settlement between the plaintiffs and the hospital.