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157812 - People v Arthur Larome Jemison

The People of the State of Michigan,


Amy Somers





(Appeal from Ct of Appeals)



(Wayne – Roberson, D.)


Arthur Larome Jemison,


Kristin LaVoy





In 2016, defendant was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for a rape and robbery committed in 1996. The victim was unable to identify her attacker. In 2015, the rape kit that had been prepared immediately after the assault was finally tested, and the DNA from the kit matched defendant. Several DNA experts testified at trial, one of them, over defendant’s objection, by two-way interactive video. The Court of Appeals affirmed defendant’s conviction in an unpublished opinion. One judge concurred separately. The Supreme Court has granted defendant’s application for leave to appeal to address whether permitting an expert witness to testify by two-way interactive video, over defendant’s objection, denied defendant his constitutional right to confront witnesses and, if so, whether this error was harmless.​