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160740 - David A. Maples v State of Michigan

David A. Maples,


Mark Bendure





(Appeal from Ct of Appeals)



(Ct Claims – Talbot, M.)


State of Michigan,


Robyn Frankel





The plaintiff filed a lawsuit for compensation under the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act (WICA), MCL 691.1751 et seq.  The Court of Claims granted summary disposition in favor of the defendant.  The Court of Appeals affirmed in a published opinion, concluding that the plaintiff failed to satisfy the definition of “new evidence” under MCL 691.1752(b).  The Supreme Court has ordered oral argument on the application to address whether the proffered evidence is “new evidence” under MCL 691.1752(b). The Court has directed the Attorney General to file separate supplemental briefs arguing both sides of the question presented.​