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What's New with MiFILE?

Effective Tuesday, July 6th, upon logging into MiFILE, users will be required to navigate to this MiFILE – Important Update - Video and accept an updated End-User License Agreement (EULA). 

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For the Filer 

Release Date: 06/07/2021​

Court(s) Impact: Hosted Courts Only*

Details:  This document outlines the recent improvements that were made to MiFILE in order to handle ​case particip​ant information for electronic service.  This improvement also provides a way to request a party or attorney be added to a case after a case has already been started.  

*Wayne, Washtenaw, Warren, Ottawa Probate, and Oakland

For the Court  

  • ​MiFILE 2.0: Court Release Notes

​​​​Release Date06/07/2021

Court(s) Impact: Hosted Courts Only* 

Details:  This document details the enhancement and corrections contained in MiFILE 2.0.  Any updates noted in this document will include changes that the courts and/or filer may see.  
*Wayne, Washtenaw, Warren, Ottawa Probate, and Oakland


Additional Information   

This Brief describes MiFILE and the progression of e-service and e-notification functionality.  In addition, it provides an overview of why there are different e-filing systems, how MiFILE 2.0 impacts these different e-filing systems and the filers, and the plans to lessen these impacts.​

Feature Coming Soon!
While the changes made with MiFILE 2.0 were necessary as the program expands, it did create a temporary disruption to how some law firms conduct their business. To ensure that legal support staff are still timely notified of e-served documents, a new feature is being released very soon that allows attorneys to “copy e-service” to any of their MiFILE Connections. This means that any time another user e-serves the attorney, or the court e-notices a document through MiFILE, the attorney’s connections will also get a copy of that e-served document. This feature was being planned for even before MiFILE 2.0 was released, and we’re happy to finally be releasing it to the filing community.