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Court and Clerk Information

How Do I Prepare For MiFILE?

MiFile will aff​ect the way you provide customer service, manage your records, process your cases, and provide public access to records. To prepar​e for these change​s, you should start planning how you will need to change these areas of court operation and to evaluate the funding implications associated with them.  Resources to assist you in this process will be available here.  Check back for new materials.



Electronic Doc​ument
Managem​ent System​​
​Your court will be required to maintain the official court record in electronic format and store documents in an electronic document management system (EDMS). If your c​ourt does not have an EDMS, you can choose to use the MiFILE DMS provided by SCAO or purchase your own EDMS. 

In choosing an EDMS, determine what divisions or other offices in your court should use the EDMS, including the friend of the court office, the district court probation office, and the alternative dispute resolution office. 

Public Access to Records ​​When your court's public records are only available electronically, your court must provide a means for the public to view those records, while safeguarding nonpublic and confidential information.  Your court will need to determine the clerks role in this process, where access will be made available, and what hardware and software is needed.  
​​ ​Mandatory e-Filing ​Attorneys are required to e-File where MiFILE is in use.  Participation in MiFILE is optional for everyone else unless your court chooses to mandate e-Filing.  A local administrative order to mandate e-Filing must be approved by the State Court Administrative Office before proceeding.  Mandating e-Filing will have a financial impact on your court and there are certain criteria which must be met. 
​​​ Hardware and Software
​In addition to getting an EDMS, your court will need to purchase equipment and technology for scanning, accessing, and handling electronic documents, both for court staff and the public.