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​The Onboarding Process

Onboarding is conducted virtually, with access to prerecorded presentations and materials to guide a court through each stage. A MiFILE implementation analyst will be assigned to work with the court at each stage and to answer any questions and concerns they may have. Stages includes Kick-off, Discovery, Configuration, User Acceptance Testing, Training Needs, Pre Go-Live, Go-Live, and Transition to Support.  ​


Kick-Off Meeting with Court Leadership

The State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) and ImageSoft will schedule time with the court’s leadership to kick-off the onboarding process. The goal of this meeting is to set expectations for the roll-out timeline, identify team members, discuss responsibilities of the court staff, and to give an overview of the MiFILE Standard Solution.

Discovery, Configuration, and Tes​ting 


There will be a number of discovery sessions for courts to learn how to use MiFILE and to aid in identifying changes that may need to be made in a court’s business processes. The MiFILE implementation analyst and the court staff will work together to help court staff understand necessary adaptations in court processes and individual work activities and practices.


Court's will be tasked with completing a court configuration workbook following the discovery session. This workbook is used by ImageSoft to set up each court's instance of MiFILE, including configuring local court specifications and assigning court staff roles and access rights. The Implementation analyst and ImageSoft will help the court’s leadership determine the court's needs and confirm the identified technical solution for integration as part of the interface discovery phase.

User Acceptance Testing 

Court staff will test-drive their instance of MiFILE and validate that it is working according to their expectations. Substantial changes will not be made to the system during testing but any defects or issues with the configuration or integration will be identified and addressed at this time. A court will not be required to go-live until there is resolution of any critical or high priority errors identified during user acceptance testing.

Pre Go-Live and Tra​ining 

Identify Court's Training Needs 

Based on the number of staff that will need to access MiFILE and the technical aptitude of the staff, the court and the implementation team will determine an approach for the court to conduct training. The implementation team, in collaboration with the Michigan Judicial Institute (MJI), will be offering asynchronous training in the form of interactive training modules. The court staff will complete the modules in the SCAO Learning Center, MJI's new learning management system. Additional training materials and guides may also be provided.

Determine Communication Strategy for Local Community ​

The implementation team will provide guidance based on its experience with other court implementations in developing a plan and media to communicate necessary information about MiFILE to the filing community.  The plan should include a press release and local guidance posted on the court's website.


Final Preparations​ and Go-Live


​Notify Regular Filers / Contact Local Bar Association

After the Go-Live date is established, the court should begin communicating with filers who make regular trips to the court that e-Filing will begin soon. The SCAO implementation team will provide tools and a press release template to assist the court to notify filers. The court should also contact their local bar association and seek assistance with communicating with filers.

Go Live and Troubleshooting

The implementation team will make its final checks and verify that the system will work successfully in production. If any technical issues arise, the project team will be available to help troubleshoot.

Support and Transition to Customer Care

Following go-live, the implementation team will be available​ to assist and communicate with the court directly.  After approximately one month, the court will direct any new issues or questions to the ImageSoft Customer Care team and MiFILE services. 


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