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Articles, videos, and other guides are being developed to aid the courts and the self-represented filers understand the requirements of electronic filing and the use of MiFILE. ​ 


See introductory videos of the Filer Overview for a preliminary illustration of some features of MiFILE.  This video is not a final representation of MiFILE, which will be further developed and configured before statewide implementation begins. 


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Filer Information

What is e​-Filing?

​E-Filing is short for "electronic filing."  It is the process of filing court papers using a computer instead of handing them to a court clerk in person. Michigan uses a software system called MiFILE for the e-Filing process. You can log into MiFILE on any computer with Internet access. For more information, read this e-Filing overview​.


Do I Have to e-File?

Check here for a list of courts that use MiFILE and to see if you are required to e-File your documents in that court. 


How Do I Prepare My Documents for e-Filing?

If you are not using a court form approved for use by the State Court Administrative Office or that has been created for you through the Michigan Legal Help website, you will need to follow certain requirements when preparing your documents for e-Filing to avoid having your documents rejected ​by the court. 


How Do I Use MiFILE?

Not an attorney? If you are required to use MiFILE and you are not an attorney, you may find help from the courts that currently use MiFILE - see their websites at 3rd Circuit (Wayne County), 6th Circuit (Oakland County), 13th Circuit (Antrim, Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties), 16th Circuit (Macomb County), 20th Circuit (Ottawa County), 37th District Court (Warren​), Ottawa County Probate, and Washtenaw Trial Court.  When MiFILE is available in more courts, help will be available on the Michigan Legal Help website.​ 


If you are an attorney, ImageSoft will provide system training through various methods during and after implementation. 


There are MiFILE Resources available. Check back for more information. 

What Else Should I Know?

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Court Forms​ - ​  The State Court Administrative Office will be revising all SCAO-approved court forms for use with MiFILE.  If you use these forms frequently, you will want to keep informed about the changes being made, ​​when the revised forms will be available, and when the revised forms must be used.  Check here regularly for updates. 

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Court Rules and e-Filing Standards ​- Michigan Court Rules have been changed to support e-Filing and to aid in the change from use of paper forms and documents to electronic.  E-Filing standards have also been established to make sure the experience for the filer and the courts is consistent and reliable.  A series of articles will be published over the next six months to explain the standards and court rule changes and what that means for you, as a filer.  Check here regularly for updates. 
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Traini​ng  - ImageSoft will provide system training through various methods to court clerks, court staff, judges, and attorneys​ during and after implementation. 

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Ongoing ​Support - ImageSoft will provide ongoing support to courts during and after implementation. ImageSoft will also provide support for filers.​

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