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John Nevin

Director of Communications

Michigan Supreme Court

(517) 373-0129​



Legal aid for victims of abuse

•  Homepa​​ge​​

•  Laws by State​

National Domestic
V​iolence Directory

Resource for volunteer lawyers seeking to assist victims of violence​

•  Homepage​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


100% Access t​​o Civil J​​ustice System​

Justice for All Task Force

The Michigan Justice for All (JFA) Task Force is committed to providing 100% access to our civil justice system. With input from stakeholders all across Michigan, the Task Force will first inventory various aspects of the civil justice landscape, identify gaps, and then develop and implement a comprehensive approach to fill those gaps.​

 Chief Justice Bridget McCormack and Justice Brian Zahra, 
who represents the Supreme Court on the Justice for All Task Force, speaking in June 2019 to Mikenzie Frost of WWMT about Task Force goals.

Why is the JFA project important? 

•  The right to a lawyer applies only in criminal cases, not civil cases.

•  Seven out of 10 low-income households had at least one civil legal problem in the

last year.

•  Due to funding limitations, legal aid agencies must turn away over half of those

who seek their help.

•  In three of four civil cases, at least one side represents themselves in court

because they can’t afford to pay an attorney.​

•  Only 10% of people with civil legal problems recognize their issue has a legal

component that may be solved by the civil justice system. 

  • •  ​People who have done nothing wrong often lose their cases in court because they
  • don’t have the legal information or help they need.​


Michigan Legal Help

•  Homepa​​ge​​

•  Find a lawyer​ in your area​​​​

•  Self Help Centers​

•  Tips/Resources for going to court​​​​​​​​


Justice for All In​itiative

National​ Center for State Courts (N​CSC​)

•  Homepa​​ge​​

•  Pro Bono and Volunteer Programs​​​

Legal Services Corporation (LSC)

•  Homepa​​ge​​

•  Find Legal Aid

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•  Find legal help state

Helps low-income immigrants find legal help

•  Homepa​​ge​​

Legal help for military members, veterans, and their families

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•  Advocate Resources​​

•  Map to find legal help​

upcoming events  

Public Meeting:
Friday, February 14
10:00am – 12:00pm
Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation 
1530 Madison Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507


Public Meeting:
Monday, February 24
6:00 – 8:00pm
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 
Union Hall 
1358 Abbott Street​
Detroit, Michigan 48226