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Inventory Calculator ​​​for Decedent Estate


The probate court is required by MCL 600.871(1) to charge and collect an inventory fee as an expense of administration on the value of all assets in a decedent's estate. This fee must be paid before closing the estate or within one year after filing the proceeding to probate the estate.  

Calculate the Inventory Fee

To calculate the inventory fee, enter in the field below the total inventory v​alue from your completed Petition and Order for Assignment (form PC 556) or Inventory (form PC 577). Click on the Calculate button. 

$ Calculate


Pay the Inventory Fee

Write down the calculated inventory fee shown above. You will need to know this amount when you are ready to pay the fee to the court.  The fee must be paid to the probate court within one year from filing the initiating petition that started the case or on or before the closing of the estate, whichever occurs first.

If you are paying the inventory fee through  MiFILE, you will enter the amount as follows:

  • If you are filing your inventory form along with the payment, you will select "File to this Case," upload your inventory form, enter the amount of the inventory fee in the amount field, and submit your form and payment.

If you are not filing your inventory form along with the payment, you will select Pay Additional Amount, enter the amount of the inventory fee, and submit your payment.