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​Filing and Other Fees


Many documents filed with a court require a filing fee. Each trial court has different filing fees. General information about filing fees is available from this website. For more specific information about filing fees for each court type, see district court filing fees, circuit court filing fees, and probate court filing fees


Other fees you will have to pay are for the cost of serving court papers on other parties or interested persons. These costs vary depending on the type of service. Mailing can cost as little as a postage stamp to as much as $10.00 for registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. Personal service can cost from about $20.00 to as much as $100.00 if you hire a professional process server. See information about process server fees
Filing fees are determined by the Legislature and enacted into law, and the courts must comply with these laws. However, if you cannot afford to pay filing and service fees, you can file a motion with the court asking the court to waive the fees. See form MC 20, Fee Waiver Request, and Michigan Court R​ule 2.002 for details. The court may order you to repay these costs if you become able to pay them before your case is finished.
Other costs you may have to pay, depending on the type of case you are involved in and based on the order of the court, are court costs, reimbursement, restitution, attorney fees, assessments or state minimum costs, fines, and probation oversight fees.