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Establishing a Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program


Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program (SSSPP)

The swift and sure sanctions probation program (SSSPP) is an intensive probation supervision program that targets high-risk felony offenders with a history of probation violations or failures. Governed by MCL 771A.1 et seq., SSSPP is modeled on Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program, which studies have shown to be very successful in improving the rate of successful completion of probation among high-risk probationers. 


SSSPP participants are closely monitored, including being subjected to frequent random testing for drug and alcohol use and being required to attend frequent meetings with probation and/or case management staff.  SSSPP aims to improve probationer success by promptly imposing graduated sanctions, including small amounts of jail time, for probation violations.  Judges in Michigan's SSSPP courts have reported a reduction in positive drug tests and failures to appear at scheduled meetings with probation officers among their SSSPP participant population.


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