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Attorney General Representation

If a court, or a judge when sued in his or her official capacity, needs to be represented by the Attorney General, a written request must be made through the chief judge in accordance with SCAO guidelines.


Election Procedure Lawsuits

The Michigan Supreme Court has approved steps in handling election procedure lawsuits​ that are filed before, on, or after Election Day. 


jail overcrowding

The chief circuit judge has statutory responsibility relating to rules and regulations and jail overcrowding for the county jail. See details.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies

This model policy regarding cooperation with law enforcment agencies that need to pursue their official duties in a courthouse​ is designed to ensure that the pursuit of such duties does not disrupt or unreasonably delay court operations or compromise public safety or court decorum.
Stop Coronavirus

For information about the judicial branch's response to the COVID-19 outbreak, click here​​​. For SCAO Events Information​, c​lick here​​.


Chief Judge Resources

The following selected resources pertain to the chief judge's responsibility to oversee and supervise staff and court operations pursuant to MCR 8.110.

Trial Court Operations and Performance Measures

Information is available on the following six functional areas of court management under Trial Court Operations and in the Michigan Court Administration Reference Guide.  Resources are also available on performance measures. Other resources are available from the Michigan Judicial Institute, including the Employee Guide to Legal Advice.​



Local Administrative Orders and plans

A trial court may issue a local administrative order (LAO) governing only internal court management. Administrative orders must be sequentially numbered during the calendar year of their issuance. Before its effective date an administrative order must be sent to the State Court Administrator. If the State Court Administrator directs, a trial court shall stay the effective date of an administrative order or shall revoke it. A trial court may submit such an order to the Supreme Court as a local court rule. MCR 8.112(B). 


All trial courts are mandated to issue LAOs to establish court policies for regulating certain functions and procedures.  In addition to these mandated LAOs, a number of LAOs are required under certain circumstances.  Model LAOs are available for some areas of court management and can be downloaded in Rich Text format.  See the list of LAOs.


Procedural Manuals


Request Management Assistance

At the request of a trial court, the Trial Court Services division of the State Court Administrative Office will conduct management assistance projects to review court operations and procedures in the areas of:
  • general court administration, probation services
  • policies and procedures
  • human resources
  • records and case file management
  • case processing
  • jury management
  • collection and enforcement of court-ordered financial obligation
    Contact your regional office to discuss your needs and to make arrangements with Trial Court Services.

    Conduct and Ethics of Court Staff

    Code of Judicial Conduct 


    Model Code of Conduct for Michigan Trial Court Employees


    Holiday Gifts

    The Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 4(E)(4), prohibits judges and their family members from receiving gifts, except in certain limited circumstances. Prudence dictates that judges should require court staff under their direction to observe the same high standards to avoid any appearance that the official actions, decisions, or judgments of any court employee could be influenced by gifts. See Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 3(B)(2).



    MCR 8.110 requires the chief judge to ensure that certain reporting requirements are met.  The reports the chief judge is required to sign include: 


    Caseload and Caseflow Management

    • Delay in Criminal Proceedings
    • Deficiencies in Guardianship/Conservatorship

     Family Services

    • Friend of the Court Statutory Review

     Judicial Reports

    • Delay in Matters Submitted to Judge
    • Financial Disclosure for Magistrates and Referees
    • Judicial Absence Report 

    SCAO Staff Directory


    contact trial court services

    (517) 373-4835

    contact the judicial human resources office

    Edward Zobeck
    (517) 373-7481

    contact your regional office 


    Region 1 Administrator

    Paul Paruk
    PO Box 02984
    Detroit, MI 48202
    Phone: (313) 972-3300
    Fax: (313) 972-3309

    Region 2 Administrator

    Jodi Latuszek
    PO Box 30048
    Lansing, MI 48909
    Phone: (517) 373-9353
    Fax: (517) 373-8760

    Region 3 Administrator

    J. Bruce Kilmer
    PO Box 750
    Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804-0750
    Phone: (989) 772-5934
    Fax: (989) 773-0457

    Region 4 Administrator

    Jerome M.P. Kole
    PO Box 100
    Gaylord, MI 49734
    Phone: (989) 732-3311
    Fax: (989) 732-4237

    Region 5 Administrator

    Jill Booth
    PO Box 30048
    Lansing, MI 48909-7547
    Phone: (517) 373-8679
    Fax: (517) 373-5235

    Region 6 Administrator

    Jennifer Phillips
    PO Box 02984
    Detroit, MI 48202
    Phone: (313) 972-3300
    Fax: (313) 972-3309