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Adoption Forum Final Report
An evaluation and statistical analysis of the accomplishments of the thirteen Michigan counties with the largest adoption dockets. The report is the result of the collaborative work of the courts, local offices of MDHS, and others.  AdjHearing.docxAdjHearing.docx​​

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Forms for Adoption Proceedings

The State Court Administrative Office has compiled a set of model forms that may improve the quality and depth of court hearings in child protection cases. Courts are urged to consider using these forms because they represent best practices developed by other courts. Use of the forms is not required by statute or court rule nor have the forms been reviewed by the Michigan Court Forms Committee for approval by the State Court Administrative Office. Courts should note that the Department of Human Services (DHS) adoption policy is under review, so there is the possibility that the timelines in these forms may not mirror DHS policy.
The model forms include an Adoption Scheduling Order, Lawyer Guardian Ad Litem (LGAL) checklist, LGAL Adoption Status Report, Or​der Discharging LGAL and Terminating Jurisdiction, and Order to Produce List of Eligible Children Awaiting Adoption. Many judges believe these model forms will result in more efficient and productive court hearings, leading to faster permanency dispositions.  Many courts already use some or all of these forms and have requested that they be shared with courts statewide.
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Forms for Child Protective Proceedings


Judicial Bench Cards