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​New Jurist Video Series: Best Practices for Juvenile Court Hearings ​

CWS is developing a professional training video for each child protective proceeding which will identify the statutory timelines, procedural requirements, legal findings, and other information relevant to each hearing type. The videos will display mock court hearings with illustrative case scenarios.  The training videos will be provided to new jurists assigned to a child protection docket, and will be used as a training tool for various child welfare stakeholders statewide. In late 2018, CWS completed the Preliminary Hearing videos. CWS will create a mock hearing video for Adjudication in 2019. 


Preliminary Hearing

The preliminary hearing videos include 2 illustrative case scenarios; one in which the court removed the child from home and one in which the court left the child in the home.  Please click on the following links below to view each mock hearing:


 1. Case Scenario #1 (child remains in the home following petition authorization)


 2. Case Scenario #2 (child is removed from the home)