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CWS Web-based Meet-ups

CWS recently purchased Adobe Connect which is a web conferencing software service that offers online meeting experiences for virtual learning and collaboration.  CWS has begun to host monthly topic-based “Meet-Ups” through Adobe Connect that are generally 1-1.5 hours long an​​d held over the lunch hour. Attendees can participate through their computer and a conference line.  All meet-ups are recorded and archived for later learning/viewing. The purpose of the meet-ups is to educate and train child welfare professionals, as well as provide a virtual forum to share best practices, innovative ideas, and collaborate statewide.

    Past Meet-ups

    To view a previous meet-up, click a topic link below:​
    • Hearing by-Hearing: Quality Legal Representation & Advocacy Techniques
           ​for Attorneys in Child Protective Proceedings (5 part series)

              ​(Part 2/5) Adjudication by Trial Hearing (02/28/18)
         ​     ​​ 

              ​PowerPoint: Adjudication by Trial​Hearing by-Hearing: Quality Legal

    • Representation & Advocacy Techniques for Attorneys in Child Protective  
           ​Proceedings (5 part series)
           ​(Part 1/5) Preliminary & Pretrial Hearing  (01/24/18)

         ​     ​
         ​     ​PowerPoint: Preliminary & Pretrial Hearing
         ​     ​Resource: Administration for Children and Families
         ​     ​Resource: Trial Chart 
    • Top 20 Child Welfare Cases Everyone Should Know (10/11/17)
         ​​     ​
    • Juvenile Guardianships & Guardianship Assistance Program (09/26/17)
         ​     ​
         ​     ​PowerPoint: Juvenile Guardianships
    • Human Trafficking and Michigan's Dependency Law (07/20/17)
         ​     ​
    • MIFPA & ICWA: A Court Resource Guide (07/18/17)
    • Accommodating Parents with Disabilities in the Child Protection System
         ​     ​

    • Michigan Safe Delivery of Newborns Law (06/28/17)
         ​     ​

    • ​New State and Federal Child Welfare Laws Regarding Older Youth in Foster Care (05/17/17)
         ​​     ​​

    Test Meeting Connection

    If you have never entered an Adobe Connect Room before test your connection here: 

    ​Staff Contact

    Darla Brandon

    (517) 373-8036