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public information pamphlets

Pamphlets are available on a variety of domestic relations matters.​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Friend of the Court Bureau analyzes statistics; reviews laws, regulations, and court rules; and reviews grievances and responses to provide guidelines for friend of the court operations.  The FOCB assists circuit courts across the state with management assistance to improve local friend of the court operations.  The FOCB also cooperates with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service's Office of Child Support to coordinate FOC offices in providing Title IV-D services.


The FOCB's primary functions are to:

  • Establish and implement child support policy and guidelines.
  • Establish and implement parenting time and custody policy and guidelines.
  • Develop and publish information pamphlets for public use.
  • Provide training to FOC offices and their staffs.
  • Develop forms for litigants to use to change child support, custody, parenting time, or domicile or residence, and to obtain a payment plan for support.
  • Develop public education and orientation programs.
  • Develop standards for procedures to transfer part or all of the responsibilities for a case from one office to another.
  • Develop the Michigan Child Support Formula.
  • Develop caseload and staffing standards.
  • Develop guidelines to encourage plain language.
  • Issue an annual grievance report.
  • Certify alternative dispute resolution training programs.
  • Assist the Office of Child Support in developing the Michigan Child Support Enforcement Information System.


Measure of Child Support Paid in Month Due

What is a Rate of Child Support Paid in the Month Due?

A rate of child support paid in the month due is an annual percentage of child support ordered that was paid and disbursed in the month due. 

Why is it Important to Measure a Court’s Collection of Current Child Support?

Child support payments help to ensure minimum standards of living for children and reduce the need for public resources to support children of divorced parents.  Additionally, counties that collect and disburse 40 percent or more child support in the month it is due receive federal incentives.  The incentive rate increases as the disbursement rate increases, up to 79 percent.  Courts that disburse 80 percent or more have maximized the incentives earned.
The amount ordered to be paid includes child support, child care, ordinary medical, educational, interstate, bonuses, foster care charges, birth expenses, medical support, Medicaid reimbursement, and payee birthing expenses. 

How is the Rate of Child Support Measured?

For each county, the annual amount of child support paid and disbursed in the month due is divided by the amount that was ordered to be paid.

Resources for Parents

Custody, Parenting Time, and support

Guidelines on custody and parenting time and the child support formula are available to assist parents in their decision-making and to help them understand how the court and the friend of the court make decisions about these matters.  See the links to the right to access these resources.  Also available are manuals describing how friends of the court investigate custody and parenting time matters and arrive at recommendations for the court. 


Court Forms

Search for a form.  Get legal help from the Self Help Center or from Michigan Legal Help, an online service.


Reserve and National Guard

Resources and guidance about child support, parenting time, and custody matters for service members who are on active duty.


Your Friend of the Court Case

The Friend of the Court Bureau does not supervise local friend of the court offices and does not have access to friend of the court records. To obtain information about enforcing or changing child custody, parenting time, or support, obtain contact information for the friend of the court by selecting the appropriate county in our trial court directory, consult the list of interactive voice response (IVR) system numbers, or sign up to use MiCASE and get case information online.


If you want payment information, the IVR system will allow you to speak to a State Disbursement Unit customer service representative. The IVR system will also provide you with information about enforcement action, coupons, and how to provide an address or name change. Because many of the counties share the same IVR system number, you may need to type in the first three letters of the county that has your friend of the court case.


​Friend of the Court Bureau

PO Box 30048
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 373-5975
Fax: (517) 373-8740


SCAO Staff Directory



Quarterly newsletter for the friend of the court.

Reporting Requirements

Friend of the Court

  • FOC Grievance ​​Record (SCAO 28​​) - due  Jan 15


​Friend of the Court Citizen Advisory Committees

  • Citizen Advisory Committee Grievance Record (SCAO 28b) - due Jan 15
  • Citizen Advisory Committee Report of Activities (SCAO 28a) - due Jan 15
  • Citizen Advisory Committee Review of FOC Grievances (SCAO 28c) - due Jan 15