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New information for trial courts on requirements and other operational matters.  Updated regularly; SCAO Monthly Brief (a summary of items posted over the last month) sent the third Thursday of each month.


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image: Michigan Supreme CourtThe State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) is the administrative agency of the Michigan Supreme Court. Article VI, Section 3 of the Michigan Constitution states that the Michigan Supreme Court "shall appoint an administrator of the courts and other assistants of the supreme court as may be necessary to aid in the administration of the courts of this state." The Supreme Court has administrative oversight of Michigan's courts and exercises that oversight through the SCAO.


What's New for Trial Courts

Nowhere Else to Go: Why People with Mental Illness End Up In Michigan Jails, and What We Can Do About It​

Milt Mack talks about why so many mentally ill people in Michigan end up in jail, and what we can do about it.  Listen here​.

Milt Mack, judges contribute to MIchigan trial court funding commission report

The members of the TCFC--including State Court Administrator Milton Mack and five trial court judges--have worked for nearly two years to collect data and develop an understanding of Michigan's court funding system. After extensive review and evaluation, the commission has issued its final report​.

MICHIGAN joint task force on jail and pretrial incarceration holds third meeting​

Co-chaired by Chief Justice Bridget McCormack and Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II, this bipartisan task force is reviewing the state’s jail and court data to expand alternatives to jail, safely reduce jail admissions and length of stay, and improve the effectiveness of the front end of Michigan’s justice system. Find meeting materials, resources, and news here​.


Thanks to the good work of judges and court staff, and our partners in state government, Michigan's Title IV-E program has been deemed "in substantial compliance" with federal regulations regarding funding of services for kids in foster care.  Passing this audit is great news for those kids and for Michigan. Click here​  for details.​​​

Michigan courts encouraged to take part in Adoption MOnth 

Every November, the Michigan Supreme Court encourages courts around the state to take time to celebrate Michigan Adoption Month and help make the dreams of thousands of children come true. Participating courts can choose to get involved on Michigan Adoption Day, or select their own day in November to finalize adoptions, hold parties for adoptive families, and educate the public about the adoption process. Click here​ for more information.

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