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Trial courts receive new information and requirements that are relevant to court operations through Recent Communications. Information is posted regularly and the SCAO Biweekly Brief (a summary of postings for the previous two weeks) is e-mailed every other Thursday. Information is also available at SCAO Communications and FOCB Memoranda.  If materials are no longer available on this site, make requests to the State Court Administrative Office at


Communication Categories



General and Administrative Matters 

​Memo from Michigan Department of State Court Liasons David Handsor and Melissa Noll regarding Criminal Justice Reform - Decriminalization Package​
​Memo from SCA Tom Boyd concerning electronic signatures on Judicial Tenure Commission petitions​​​.​
​A new report has been added in the Judicial Data Warehouse (JDW)​ that will help courts determine if a prospective juror failed to return a questionnaire or failed respond to a juror summons because the person is deceased.
The​ Michigan Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review has waived the minimum hours requirement for purposes of CEO certification renewal​ for the 2021 renewal year.
​Pretrial data​ from participating courts is now available in the Name Search Application (NSA) of the Judicial Data Warehouse.
Memo from State Court Administrator Tom Boyd explains extension of orders related to personal identifying information​.​
Memo from SCA Tom Boyd:  You will soon begin to see and hear reference to the Field Services Division​ ( here at SCAO, formerly known as Trial Court Services.  Refocusing and renaming Trial Court Services as Field Services is a recognition of the need to include a broad focus on the issues and reform initiatives affecting the courts, as well as the people who interact with courts at the most difficult points in their lives.  Field Services will continue as a vital support to judges and court staff as it takes on these additional responsibilities.

New legislation may impact programming in the case management systems​.  JIS is developing program changes to meet the requirements of the new laws and will provide further communication regarding same.  All non-JIS courts should review the legislation and check with their vendors concerning changes that must be made to accommodate the new legislation.

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MiFILE (Statewide e-Filing Initiative)

Did you know that purchasing your own electronic document management system instead of using the MiFILE DMS can delay your implementation on MiFILE?  Read more...​​
Y​our court or IT department may have received an e-mail on June 30, 2021, from the State Bar of Michigan Database Administrator regarding a change in a State Bar of Michigan membership electronic file that your court has asked be provided for use in your case management system.  This is a notice to prepare for this.  See details here​.



M​JI Notice of Juvenile Probation Officer/Caseworker Certification Examination​ held pursuant to Administrative Order 1985-5.  Aug 26, 9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.; or Aug. 27, 9:00 a.m.
​Child Welfare Services Training:  The 5 Chairs: 3 Part Series 
   July 28 - Frontline Support From the 'The 5 Chairs' Life Kit
   August 4- The 5 C's of 'The 5 Chairs' - Challenge, Courage, Choice, Care, and Change
   August 25 - Practice Makes Perfect!  The Road to Long-term Care



 Reports and Publications

Once the severity and scope of the pandemic became apparent in the spring of 2020, the Lessons Learned Committee was formed and charged with assessing the experiences of our justice system, evaluating responses, and making recommendations for the future.  Among many responses, the Committee looked at the implementation of emergency procedures, examined efforts undertaken to continue operations for an indefinite period with judges and court staff working remotely, and reviewed the modification of hearing procedures to accommodate a virtual courtroom.  The Committee considered what court users reported they struggled with throughout the pandemic, identified what worked and what didn't work well, and built on our shared experiences to chart a path forward.
The report, Michigan Trial Courts: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic of 2020-2021 Findings, Best Practices, and Recommendations​, is now available for review and public comment.  To assist us with collecting and managing this information, we are providing a fillable PDF form.  Please review the report and provide any comments and feedback that you may have to no later than July 28, 2021.  If your comments exceed the available space, please feel free to include an additional document with your submission.  Note that you will need to save the fillable form and attach it to your e-mail submission.
Your input and feedback will assist the Lessons Learned Committee with finalizing the report and making recommendations for the future of the Michigan courts.
The 2020 Michigan Annual Drunk Driving Audit​ has been published and is now available .
Highlights of the 2019 Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP)​, in compliance with 1988 PA 260.  This program was created to provide Michigan citizens with collaborative, problem-solving alternatives to the traditional adjudication of disputes in court.
​The SSSPP Annual Report​ is now available!
The Friend of the Court Annual Grievance Report​ summarizes the grievances that were filed with the friend of the court offices in 2019.  Also included as a supplement to the grievance report is a summary of the Friend of the Court Citizen Advisory Committees' activities in 2019.
The Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration report and recommendations and executive summary​ are now available.  Co-chaired by Chief Justice Bridget McCormack and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilcrist II, the Task Force was charged with recommending policies that expand jail alternatives; safely reduce jail admissions and length of stay; support crime victims; and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system.
Three new resources have been created or updated to assist trial courts with transfers to a problem-solving court.  The resources include information about transfers of supervision, transfers of jurisdiction, problem-solving court fees and priority of payment, and frequently asked questions about transfers of supervision.  All resources can be found under the “Transfers” section of the Problem-Solving Courts Training and Resources page.​

The adult drug court, adult mental health court, and veterans treatment court Standards, Best Practices, and Promising Practices manuals have been updated. Updates include a new chapter about “Equity and Inclusion,” revised confidentiality laws, changes in terminology, and removing repetitive sections.​



Forms Revisions


Other Forms Information

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Family / Probate

MJI ​Training:  ICWA/MIFPA Zoom Summer Miniseries​​ - June 22, July 20, August 17, September 8, and September 21
​MCL 552.524 requires the chief circuit judge to review the performance of the circuit court's friend of the court annually.  The friend of the court Annual Statutory Review are due August 2, 2021.​



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Civil Jury Instructions - Proposals Published for Comment


Civil Jury Instructions - Amendments Adopted within the Past 60 Days

Criminal / Traffic

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Criminal Jury Instructions - Proposals Published for Comment


Criminal Jury Instructions - Amendments Adopted within the Past 60 Days



Court Rules  

Adopted Proposals, Adopted Admin Orders, or Appointments


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