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Trial courts receive new information and requirements that are relevant to court operations through Recent Communications. Information is posted regularly and the SCAO Biweekly Brief (a summary of postings for the previous two weeks) is e-mailed every other Thursday. Information is also available at SCAO Communications and FOCB Memoranda.  If materials are no longer available on this site, make requests to the State Court Administrative Office at


Communication Categories



General and Administrative Matters 

A memo from Tom Boyd indicating the Michigan Supreme Court updated Administrative Order 2020-17 to extend COVID-19 case processing for landlord-tenant cases throught March 31, 2021.
A memo from Tom Boyd indicating that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has offered to provide free naloxone to judges, courts, and probation officers​.
2020 Jury Statistics Report Waived for 2020​
Due to the pandemic, jury activity in 2020 was minimal and the jury statistics report for these trials will not be as useful for assessing juror yield or utilization.  The next Jury Statistics Report will be due March 31, 2022, for jury activity in 2021.​

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MiFILE (Statewide e-Filing Initiative)

This MiFILE brief​ provides an update to the courts regarding the implementation and enhancement of the MiFILE Standard Solution Content includes input from stakeholders, expanding MiFILE to other courts, remaining case types and cross-jurisdictional court plans, and considerations for futre enhancements.



Save the Dates​ for the Michigan Supreme Court Virtual Conference on May 6-7, 2021.
MJ​I Webinar Announcement:  Intensive Supervision - A Webinar for Chief District Court Judges and Chief Probation Officers​, April 13th 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
P​aul DeLost, Virginia, former president of NACM and National Judicial Task Force to Examine State Court's Response to Mental Illness work group member, has publishished a brief entitled Addressing the Mental Health and Well-Being of Judges and Court Employees.  ​
The ​National Center for State Courts has developed a new Judicial Response Protocol for Guardianship and Conservatorship Abuses.​
Webinar about Personal Identifying Information (PII):​ This video webinar goes over the cour rules, which PII is protected, the ways to protect PII, the court's responsibilty to redact (or not redact), and other details about the court rules that become effective July 1, 2021.



 Reports and Publications

Highlights of the 2019 Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP)​, in compliance with 1988 PA 260.  This program was created to provide Michigan citizens with collaborative, problem-solving alternatives to the traditional adjudication of disputes in court.
​The SSSPP Annual Report​ is now available!
The Friend of the Court Annual Grievance Report​ summarizes the grievances that were filed with the friend of the court offices in 2019.  Also included as a supplement to the grievance report is a summary of the Friend of the Court Citizen Advisory Committees' activities in 2019.
The Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration report and recommendations and executive summary​ are now available.  Co-chaired by Chief Justice Bridget McCormack and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilcrist II, the Task Force was charged with recommending policies that expand jail alternatives; safely reduce jail admissions and length of stay; support crime victims; and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system.
Three new resources have been created or updated to assist trial courts with transfers to a problem-solving court.  The resources include information about transfers of supervision, transfers of jurisdiction, problem-solving court fees and priority of payment, and frequently asked questions about transfers of supervision.  All resources can be found under the “Transfers” section of the Problem-Solving Courts Training and Resources page.​

The adult drug court, adult mental health court, and veterans treatment court Standards, Best Practices, and Promising Practices manuals have been updated. Updates include a new chapter about “Equity and Inclusion,” revised confidentiality laws, changes in terminology, and removing repetitive sections.​



Forms Revisions

  • Date Posted: 3/1/2021

    Revisions to JC 06
    ​This form was revised to update language under MCR 3.915.
  • Date Posted: 3/1/2021

    Revisions to SCAO 78
    ​This form was revised to add language about making pretrial release decisions and the official court record.
  • Date Posted: 3/1/2021

    Revisions to FOC 112
    ​This form was revised to update the address for the Michigan Department of Corrections.
  • Date Posted: 2/16/2021

    Tentative List of Forms Changes for 2021​​
    ​This tentative list of forms changes has been prepared to help guide purchasing and planning decisions for courts and stakeholders.

Other Forms Information

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Family / Probate

We are pleased that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is inviting each circuit court to apply for the Child and Parent Legal Representation (CPLR) Grant for fiscal year 2022​.  Applications were officially due February 24, but late applications will be accepted for a short time.
This communication ​provides updated policy guidance around documentation of parental home placements.  Courts with questions may contact Casey Anbender at of 517-373-5234.
The ​revised Michigan Parenting Time Guideline​, developed with the insight and expertise of an advisory committee, replaces the previous Guideline and should be used as of March 1, 2021.
T​his updated handbook​ summarizes the friend of the court (FOC) office's duties and procedures, provides information about parties' rights and responsibilities, and describes some basic court procedures.
The FOCB will e-mail 2020 SCAO 41 reports​ with MiCSES data to FOC directors in mid-February.  FOC offices will be responsible for completing the non-MiCSES items of the report and returning the report to the FOCB by May 3, 2021.
​The State Court Administrative developed this memorandum to help friend of the court offices follow proper procedures for securing and processing bonds to secure future support payments​.  It supersedes FAQ 2007-01, Using Cash Bonds to Secure Future Child Support.
Memo and FAQ​ with respect to Clean Slate for Kids provide a summary of newly enacted legislation and initial guidance to assist with implementation of the necessary procedural changes.



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Civil Jury Instructions - Proposals Published for Comment


Civil Jury Instructions - Amendments Adopted within the Past 60 Days

Criminal / Traffic

​Overview of criminal justice reform bills​ and their impact on various court procedures.​
​Memo from SCA Tom Boyd concerning Writs of Habeas Corpus​.


Criminal Jury Instructions - Proposals Published for Comment

  • MCrimJI_39.7_and_39.7a_for_comment

    Comment Period Expiration: 1/1/2021

    Description: [NEW] M Crim JI 39.7 False Report of Explosive Offenses; [NEW] M Crim JI 39.7a False Report of Poisoning or Harmful Substances Offenses

  • MCrimJI_39.8_and_39.8a_for_comment

    Comment Period Expiration: 4/1/2021

    Description: [NEW] M Crim JI 39.8 Threat to Commit an Offense Involving Explosives; [NEW] M Crim JI 39.8a Threatening to Poison or Commit a Harmful Substance Offense


Criminal Jury Instructions - Amendments Adopted within the Past 60 Days



Court Rules  

Adopted Proposals, Adopted Admin Orders, or Appointments


Proposed Rules or Amendments