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  April Case Call—Oral Arguments Canceled

      In light of Governor Whitmer’s declaration of a state of emergency addressing how to reduce the spread of the coronavirus,​ the Court has canceled all oral arguments for 
cases assigned to the April session calendar. The cases will be decided without oral argument pursuant to MCR 7.214(E).  
      With the parties’ consent, the Court has selected one case on the April call to be argued by videoconference on a Zoom platform. If that experiment proves successful, and should we not be able to resume our normal oral argument practices for case call hearings in May, the Court may make use of the Zoom platform or other technology for some oral arguments on the May session calendar.​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​

Case Call Schedule 

The case call list shows the cases scheduled for call for all panels during the designated month. 


Understanding the Case Call Schedule

  • The panel number, location, and panel composition are listed at the top of each page, followed by the day, date and time of oral arguments, and the cases listed in the order in which they will be heard. 
  • Directly beneath the case name, you will find each attorney’s name next to the party he/she represents and whether the attorney is endorsed for oral argument. 
  • Cases are heard by panels of three judges, with the exception of conflict panels.
  • One judge is designated presiding judge and presides at the hearing and performs other responsibilities.
  • Oral arguments are routinely scheduled Tuesday through Friday during the first two weeks of the month.
  • Two argument sessions are scheduled each day. The first session will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the second at 11:00 a.m.
  • The courtrooms of the Court are located in Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids.
  • By court rule, oral argument may also be held in Marquette or another location designated by the chief judge. Typically, the Court also schedules at least one hearing date annually on the campus of one of the state’s law schools.

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