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Current Judges

 ​Photograph by Trumpie Photography
Pictured from Left to Right

​​First row: ​Peter D. O’Connell​, William B. Murphy, Chief Judge Christopher M. Murray, Michael J. Talbot, David ​​H. Sawyer, Joel P. Hoekstra, and Jane E. Markey.
​Second row: ​Douglas B. Shapiro, Amy Ronayne Krause, Patrick M. Meter, Michael J. Kelly, Chief Judge Pro Tem Jane M. Beckering, and Elizabeth L. Gleicher.
​Third row: ​Mark T. Boonstra, Jonathan Tukel, Brock A. Swartzle, Michael F. Gadola, Michael J. Riordan, Thomas C. Cameron, and Colleen A. O’Brien.
​Not pictured: ​Stephen L. Borrello, Mark J. Cavanagh, Karen M. Fort Hood, Kathleen Jansen, Kirsten Frank Kelly, Deborah A. Servitto, and Cynthia Diane Stephens.




Year Began

Serving on




Chief Judge​

Chief Judge

Pro Tem

Beckering, Jane M.  ​2007 ​2018-Present​
Boonstra, Mark T. ​2012
Borrello, Stephen L. ​2003
​Cameron, Thomas C. ​2017
Cavanagh, Mark J. ​1988
Gadola, Michael F. 2015
Gleicher, Elizabeth L. ​2007
Hood, Karen Fort ​2002
Jansen, Kathleen ​1989
Kelly, Kirsten F. ​2000
Kelly, Michael J. ​2008
Krause, Amy Ronayne ​2010
Letica, Anica​​  ​2018
Markey, Jane E. ​1994
Meter, Patrick M. ​1999
Murray, Christopher M. ​2002 ​2018-Present



O'Brien, Colleen A. ​2015
Redford, James Robert 2018​
Riordan, Michael J. ​2012
​​Sawyer, David H. ​1986 ​2009-2014
Servitto, Deborah A. ​2006
Shapiro, Douglas B. ​2009
Stephens, Cynthia Diane ​2008
Swartzle, Brock A. ​2017
Tukel, Jonathan ​2017