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​Opinions of the Michigan Supreme Court

Note: Orders are not posted here. To search for a recent order (not an opinion), other case information, or to search opinions by party, case type, or lower court, please click here.
The slip opinions collected here are those issued during MSC Term (October 1 through July 31). These opinions are posted on this website within hours after the bench opinions are issued.
 Further information may be obtained by calling the Supreme Court Clerk's Office.
collapse Term : 20-21 Term Opinions ‎(7)
159981.pdf4/22/2021People v Pagano
159856.pdf3/16/20212 Crooked Creek v Cass Cnty Treasurer
160907-8.pdf12/29/2020League of Women Voters v Sec'y of State
158751.pdf12/28/2020Council of Orgs re Parochiaid v Michigan
158652.pdf12/28/2020People v Hughes
158663.pdf12/3/2020People v Troy Brown
161492.pdf10/2/2020In re Certified Questions
collapse Term : 19-20 Term Opinions ‎(23)
157335-37; 157340-42.pdf7/29/2020Mays v Governor
158302.pdf7/29/2020Meemic Insurance v Fortson
159063.pdf7/28/2020People v Wood
158150-1.pdf7/27/2020Progress Michigan v Attorney General
158240.pdf7/24/2020Bisio v Village of Clarkston
159636.pdf7/23/2020Sanford v Michigan
160995.pdf7/21/2020People v Derek Smith
156849.pdf7/17/2020Rafaeli, LLC v Oakland County
158486.pdf7/13/2020People v Vanderpool
157812.pdf6/22/2020People v Jemison
158333.pdf6/16/2020TOMRA of North America v Dep't of Treasury
157522.pdf5/18/2020Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn v City of Detroit
158013.pdf5/13/2020People v Wang
157705.pdf4/29/2020Foster v Foster
158065.pdf4/29/2020People v Warren
158311.pdf4/27/2020DeRuiter v Byron Twp
158305.pdf4/2/2020In re Reliability Plans of Electric Utilities
157688.pdf3/30/2020People v Reichard
156189.pdf3/16/2020People v Sammons
158296; 158298.pdf3/12/2020People v Furline; People v Jenkins
158005.pdf11/21/2019Maniaci v Diroff
158866.pdfPeople v Rajput
159510.pdfSkanska USA Bldg v MAP Mechanical
collapse Term : 18-19 Term Opinions ‎(24)
152934.pdf7/29/2019People v Beck
156827-8.pdf7/25/2019People v Bruce; People v Nicholson
156708.pdf7/24/2019Thiel v Goyings
156901.pdf7/23/2019People v Hammerlund
156579.pdf7/18/2019Genesee Cnty Drain Comm'r v Genesee Cnty
156793; 157097.pdf7/16/2019Wigfall v City of Detroit; West v City of Detroit
157200.pdf7/15/2019People v McBurrows
155784.pdf7/11/2019Dye v Esurance Prop & Casualty Ins
156737.pdf7/11/2019Michigan Assn of Home Builders v City of Troy
156777; 157404.pdf7/11/2019People v Thorpe; People v Harbison
155198.pdf7/11/2019People v Walker
157846.pdf7/10/2019El-Khalil v Oakwood Healthcare
156823.pdf7/8/2019Paquin v City of St Ignace
156557.pdf6/20/2019Dorko v Dorko
157907.pdf6/12/2019In re Ferranti, Minor
156086.pdf5/30/2019Kendzierski v Macomb County
156132-4.pdf5/9/2019Hegadorn v DHS Director; Trim v DHS Director; Tindle v DHS
156606.pdf5/7/2019People v Carter
Checked Out To: Jeff Mills156262.pdf
Checked Out To: Jeff Mills4/22/2019Stenzel v Best Buy Co, Inc
156376.pdf4/22/2019People v Mead
156389.pdf4/5/2019Bauserman v Unemployment Insurance Agency
156092.pdf12/27/2018People v Lewis
157930.pdfIn re Theresa Brennan, Judge
154684.pdfPeople v Swilley
collapse Term : 17-18 Term Opinions ‎(36)
153980-1.pdf7/31/2018In re Erwin
157925.pdf7/31/2018Citizens Protecting Michigan's Constitution v Sec'y of State
156057-8.pdf7/30/2018Johnson v VanderKooi; Harrison v Vanderkooi
155196; 155204.pdf7/27/2018MI Gun Owners v Ann Arbor Public Schools; Open Carry v Clio School Dist
156353.pdf7/26/2018People v Smith
155266.pdf7/25/2018Bertin v Mann
154476.pdf7/23/2018Trowell v Providence Hospital
154128; 154130.pdf7/23/2018People v Johnson; People v Scott
154668-70.pdf7/20/2018Ally Financial Inc v State Treasurer
154764.pdf7/19/2018People v Arnold
154442.pdf7/18/2018Bazzi v Sentinel Ins Co
154524 154526.pdf7/17/2018SDEIA, Inc. v DEQ
153829.pdf7/10/2018McQueer v Perfect Fence Company
155747-8.pdf7/10/2018People v Sharpe
156060.pdf7/9/2018People v Barnes
156241.pdf7/5/2018People v Oros
154445.pdf6/29/2018People v Kennedy
152655.pdf6/21/2018In re Mardigian Estate
152448 153081 153345.pdf6/20/2018People v Skinner; People v Hyatt
153309.pdf6/15/2018People v Randolph
154494.pdf6/15/2018People v Traver
154814.pdf6/15/2018People v Wilder
156283.pdf6/12/2018People v Washington
154358.pdf5/23/2018Iliades v Diffenbacher N.A. Inc.
155994.pdf5/18/2018In re Williams, Minors
155398.pdf5/18/2018TM v MZ
156388.pdf5/18/2018People v Winters
154374.pdf5/1/2018People v Pinkney
155273.pdf4/26/2018People v Shami
154437.pdf3/29/2018Millar v Construction Code Authority
154779.pdf3/28/2018People v Bruner
156611.pdf3/27/2018Safdar v Aziz
153979.pdf3/19/2018Marlette Auto Wash v Van Dyke SC Properties, LLC
155172.pdf3/16/2018People v Tremel Anderson
155991.pdf1/3/2018Dawley v Hall
149490.pdf12/26/2017People v Anthony White
collapse Term : 16-17 Term Opinions ‎(31)
153185.pdf8/1/2017People v Lyles
154396.pdf7/31/2017People v Lewis
153356.pdf7/31/2017In re Rasmer Estate
152723.pdf7/31/2017Ray v Swager
152831.pdf7/28/2017In re Hon Lisa Gorcyca
154039.pdf7/25/2017People v Wilson
150404.pdf7/25/2017In re Hon. Cedric Simpson
152849.pdf7/24/2017People v Steanhouse
152946.pdf7/24/2017People v Masroor
153908.pdf7/24/2017People v Rea
152916.pdf7/17/2017People v Denson
151800; 153008.pdf7/3/2017Clam Lake v Dept of Licensing; Teridee v Haring Twp
152047.pdf6/28/2017Baruch v Tittabawassee Twp
153723.pdf6/27/2017Haksluoto v Mt Clemens Regional Med Cen
152889.pdf6/27/2017Winkler v Marist Fathers of Detroit
152713.pdf6/23/2017People v Comer
151719.pdf6/15/2017Kemp v Farm Bureau
153115 and 153117.pdf6/1/2017P v Frederick; P v VanDoorne
152758.pdf5/25/2017Covenant Med Cntr v State Farm Auto Ins
153636 and 153751.pdf5/19/2017People v Calloway
151051; 151053.pdf5/18/2017Coldwater v Consumers; Holland v Consumers
151888.pdf5/15/2017Frank v Linkner
152535.pdf5/12/2017Nickola v MIC General Ins Co
152840.pdf5/12/2017People v Franklin
153786.pdf5/8/2017In re Hicks
151524.pdf5/1/2017SBC Health Midwest v City of Kentwood
153655 opinion.pdf4/14/2017Barton-Spencer v Farm Bureau Life Ins Co
152484.pdf4/14/2017Perkovic v Zurich American Ins Co
152058.pdf4/7/2017Graham v Foster
151282.pdf4/4/2017People v Barrera
153025 Opinion.pdf12/13/2016Lowrey v LMPS & LMPJ, Inc
collapse Term : 15-16 Term Opinions ‎(29)
150364.pdf7/27/2016Yono v Dept of Transportation
150029.pdf7/26/2016Ronnisch Constr Group v Lofts on the Nine
150616.pdf7/26/2016Hecht v National Heritage Academies
151277.pdf7/15/2016Arbuckle v General Motors LLC
150591.pdf7/14/2016Innovation Ventures v Liquid Mfg
151104.pdf7/6/2016Deacon v Pandora (Certified Question)
152097.pdf7/5/2016Bernardoni v  City of Saginaw
152514.pdf7/1/2016Kozak v City of Lincoln Park
152534.pdf6/29/2016People v Feeley
150677.pdf6/29/2016People v Hall
151342.pdf6/23/2016People v March
149872-3; 150042.pdf6/22/2016People v Harris; Little; Hughes
151843.pdf6/15/2016People v Allen
150656.pdf6/13/2016Altobelli v Hartmann
150834.pdf6/6/2016Pirgu v United Services Automobile Assn
150719.pdf6/6/2016Rock v Crocker
149043.pdf6/6/2016Hodge v State Farm Mutual Auto Ins Co
151048.pdf5/24/2016People v Gloster
149622.pdf5/17/2016Associated Builders v City of Lansing
149989.pdf5/3/2016Wyandotte Electric Supply Co v Electrical Technology Systems
150146.pdf4/25/2016People v Seewald
149599.pdf4/13/2016Bank of America, NA v First American Title Ins Co
150371.pdf3/29/2016People v Dunbar
151434.pdf3/28/2016People v Triplett
151687.pdf3/24/2016Beck v Park West Galleries
150332 Opinion.pdf3/21/2016Jesperson v Auto Club Ins Assoc
150824 Opinion.pdf2/8/2016Elher v Misra
151374.pdf2/1/2016Pace v Edel-Harrelson
149246-7 Opinion.pdf1/4/2016Lego v Liss
collapse Term : 14-15 Term Opinions ‎(33)
147727-Opinion.pdf9/28/2015Epps v 4 Quarters Restoration LLC
148305-Opinion.pdf7/30/2015People v Smith
149073-Opinion.pdf7/29/2015People v Lockridge
147700-Opinion.pdf7/29/2015International Union v Green
147758-Opinion.pdf7/29/2015MI Coalition of State Employees v State of MI
149798-Opinion.pdf7/28/2015People v Jackson
148444 and 148971 Opinion.pdf7/27/2015People v Hartwick; People v Tuttle
149259 Opinion.pdf7/23/2015People v Cain
149380 Opinion.pdf7/23/2015People v Stevens
148753 - Opinion.pdf7/22/2015Detroit Edison Co. v Department of Treasury
148079;148087;149344 Opinion.pdf7/22/2015Tyra v Organ Procurement; Furr v McLeod
149502 Opinion.pdf7/20/2015People v Miller
150293-5 Opinion.pdf7/9/2015Gardner, et al v Dept of Treasury
149479-Opinion.pdf6/29/2015People v Ackley
149901-Opinion.pdf6/18/2015Beals v Michigan
148907 and 148909-Opinion.pdf6/17/2015Aroma Wines v Columbian Distribution Services
149290-Opinion.pdf6/11/2015People v Mazur
149722 and 149940-Opinion.pdf6/5/2015Fairley v Dept of Correc; Stone v MI State Police
149150-Opinion.pdf6/4/2015MI Assn of Homebuilders v City of Troy
148931-3 Opinion.pdf6/3/2015Fraser Trebilcock... v Boyce Trust 2350
149270-Opinion.pdf4/21/2015Krusac v Covenant Medical Center Inc
148748 Opinion.pdf4/8/2015AFT Michigan v State of Michigan
149984-Opinion.pdf2/6/2015Hodge v US Security Associates
147735-Opinion.pdf12/23/2014People v Jones
148617-Opinion.pdf12/22/2014Speicher v Columbia Twp Board of Trustees
147794-Opinion.pdf12/22/2014Adair v State of Michigan
146763; 147335-Opinion.pdf12/19/2014Hannay v Dept of Transportation; Hunter v Sisco
147296-Opinion.pdf12/18/2014Wayne Co Employees Retirement System v Wayne Charter County
149242-Opinion.pdf12/16/2014Amberg v City of Dearborn
149127-Opinion.pdf12/2/2014People v Woolfolk
149036-Opinion.pdf11/25/2014Auto-Owners Ins Co v All Star Lawn Specialists Plus, Inc
147647.Opinion.pdf11/18/2014Dupree v Auto-Owners Ins Co
149355-Opinion.pdf11/18/2014Younkin v Zimmer
collapse Term : 13-14 Term Opinions ‎(38)
146289-Opinion.pdf7/15/2014Madugula v Taub
146440-Opinion.pdf7/14/2014IBM v Dept of Treasury
145646-Opinion.pdf7/11/2014People v Douglas
147261-Opinion.pdf7/11/2014People v Bynum
146478; 146819; 147428.pdf7/8/2014People v Carp; Davis; Eliason
146962-Opinion.pdf6/26/2014Ford Motor Co v Dep't of Treasury
146433-5-Opinion.pdf6/26/2014Hunt v Drielick
147391-Opinion.pdf6/26/2014People v McKinley
146033-Opinion.pdf6/25/2014In re Bail Bond Forfeiture
147522-Opinion.pdf6/25/2014In re AJR Minor
146802-Opinion.pdf6/23/2014In re Hon Bruce U Morrow
146211-Opinion.pdf6/23/2014People v Tanner
145557-Opinion.pdf6/23/2014Andrie Inc v Department of Treasury
147187-Opinion.pdf6/18/2014People v Smith
147437-Opinion.pdf6/18/2014People v Cunningham
146480-Opinion.pdf6/18/2014People v Wilson
147150-Opinion.pdf6/13/2014Badeen v Par, Inc
146791-3-Opinion.pdf6/11/2014State of Michigan Ex Rel Marcia Gurganus v CVS Caremark Corp
146722; 146724.pdf6/10/2014LaFontaine Saline Inc v Chrysler Group LLC
146725-Opinion.pdf6/10/2014Sholberg v Truman
146867-Opinion.pdf6/3/2014Makowski v Governor
146680-Opinion.pdf6/2/2014In re Sanders Minors
146626-Opinion.pdf5/29/2014PEOPLE v GARRISON
146256-Opinion.pdf5/20/2014Rambin v Allstate
146452-Opinion.pdf5/20/2014Acorn Investments v MI Basic Property Ins Assoc
145631-Opinion.pdf5/5/2014Henry v Laborers Local 1191
146157-Opinion.pdf4/25/2014Wurtz v Beecher Metropolitan District
146520-Opinion.pdf4/24/2014Bonner v City of Brighton
147515-Opinion.pdf4/22/2014In re COH, ERH, JRG, KBH, Minors
145052-Opinion.pdf4/15/2014Miller-Davis v Ahrens
146523-4 Opinion.pdf4/4/2014People v Chenault
146212-Opinion.pdf4/3/2014People v Harris
146333; 146335-Opinion.pdf4/1/2014Fradco v Treasury; SMK v Treasury
145144-Opinion.pdf4/1/2014Addison Twp v Barnhart
146826-Opinion.pdf3/26/2014In re Hon. Wade H. McCree
145677-Opinion.pdf3/26/2014People v Earl
145816 Opinion.pdf2/6/2014Ter Beek v City of Wyoming
146234 Opinion.pdf2/6/2014NACG Leasing v Dept of Treasury
collapse Term : 12-13 Term Opinions ‎(35)
145371 Opinion.pdf7/30/2013People v Smith-Anthony
144055 Opinion.pdf7/30/2013Bailey v Schaaf
143374 Opinion.pdf7/30/2013Fisher Sand & Gravel v Sweebe Inc
146295; 146296 Opinion.pdf7/30/2013People v Stanley Duncan; People v Vita Duncan
144579 Opinion.pdf7/29/2013Harris v Auto Club
145206; 143808 Opinion.pdf7/29/2013Grange Insurance v Lawrence; ACIA v State Farm
144327; 144979 Opinion.pdf7/29/2013People v Hardy; People v Glenn
145055 Opinion.pdf7/26/2013In re Bradley Estate
146646 Opinion.pdf7/26/2013Hardaway v County of Wayne
145237 Opinion.pdf7/12/2013People v Musser
144983-Opinion.pdf6/25/2013People v Elliot
144696-Opinion.pdf6/25/2013People v Clary
144430-32; 145367-70 Opinion.pdf6/24/2013Malpass v Treasury
144142-3 Opinion.pdf6/20/2013Petipren v Jaskowski
144354 Opinion.pdf6/19/2013Smitter v Thornapple Township
144985 Opinion.pdf6/19/2013In re Hon. Deborah Ross Adams
145604 Opinion.pdf6/18/2013People v Burns
144303 Opinion.pdf6/12/2013Macomb County v AFSCME Council 25
144630 Opinion.pdf5/31/2013Hillsdale County Senior Services v Hillsdale County
142842 Opinion.pdf5/23/2013Admire v Auto Owners Insurance Co
145259 Opinion.pdf5/21/2013People v Koon
143475 Opinion.pdf5/1/2013Whitman v City of Burton
144666 Opinion.pdf4/11/2013McPherson v McPherson
144166 Opinion.pdf4/9/2013Township of Elba v Gratiot Co Drain Commissioner
143831 Opinion.pdf3/21/2013Price v High Point Oil
144387 Opinion.pdf2/13/2013People v White
143841 Opinion.pdf2/8/2013Debano-Griffin v Lake County
143824 Opinion.pdf2/8/2013State of MI v McQueen
144631-Opinion.pdf12/21/2012People v Minch
143386-Opinion.pdf12/21/2012People v Trakhtenberg
144385-Opinion.pdf12/21/2012In re Certified Question (Mattison)
144690-Opinion.pdf12/21/2012Kim v JPMorgan Chase Bank
143736 Opinion.pdf12/19/2012P v Zajackzkowski
144120 Opinion.pdf12/19/2012P v Bylsma
143244 Opinion.pdf12/12/2012People v Mack
collapse Term : 11-12 Term Opinions ‎(46)
145748-Opinion.pdf9/5/2012Protect our Jobs v Bd of State Canvassers
142765-Opinion.pdf8/20/2012McCahan v Brennan
140401-Opinion.pdf8/20/2012Atkins v SMART
143733-Opinion.pdf8/16/2012People v Brown
143329-Opinion.pdf8/16/2012Hill v Sears
145387-Opinion.pdf8/3/2012Stand Up For Democracy v State
140147-Opinion.pdf7/31/2012People v Grissom
142267-Opinion.pdf7/31/2012Hoffner v Lanctoe
142874, 143330-Opinion.pdf7/31/2012Spectrum v Farm Bureau
143942-Opinion.pdf7/31/2012In re Hon. Sylvia A. James
141154-OP.pdf7/31/2012People v Likine
143088-Opinion.pdf7/30/2012Johnson v Recca
143123-Opinion.pdf7/30/2012Price v Kosmalski
141932-Opinion.pdf7/30/2012People v Kowalski
143503-Opinion.pdf7/30/2012Douglas v Allstate
142339-Opinion.pdf7/27/2012Cedroni Associates v Tomblinson, Harburn Associates
143343, 143344-Opinion.pdf7/27/2012People v Rapp (Jared)
138952-Opinion.pdf7/23/2012Velez v Tuma
144036-Opinion.pdf7/12/2012People v Nunley
142627-Opinion.pdf7/9/2012People v Vaughn (Joseph LaShawn)
141741-Opinion.pdf6/28/2012People v Bryant (Ramon)
142774-Opinion.pdf6/15/2012Titan Ins Company v Hyten
143085-7-Opinion.pdf6/14/2012Michigan Properties v Meridian Township
143281-143085-Opinion.pdf6/14/2012Toll Northville v Northville Township
142751-Opinion.pdf6/8/2012People v Pullen
142031-Opinion.pdf6/8/2012People v Watkins (Lincoln)
142695, 142712-Opinion.pdf6/8/2012People v Kolanek
142850-Opinion.pdf6/8/2012People v King (Larry Steven)
142127-Opinion.pdf6/5/2012Johnson v Pastoriza
142956-Opinion.pdf5/30/2012DeFrain v State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
142442-142443-Opinion.pdf5/30/2012People v Laidler (Marteez)
143046-Opinion.pdf5/25/2012People v Cole (David)
142698-Opinion.pdf5/24/2012People v Buie (James)
142537-Opinion.pdf5/17/2012People v Rao (Malini)
141810-Opinion.pdf5/17/2012Dept. of Environmental Quality v Worth Township
142615-Opinion.pdf5/15/2012Joseph v ACIA
141161-Opinion.pdf5/15/2012People v Williams (Glenn)
142913-Opinion.pdf5/14/2012People v Reese
142759-Opinion.pdf5/4/2012In Re C.I. Morris, Minor
143673-Opinion.pdf5/4/2012In Re J.L. Gordon, Minor
141837-Opinion.pdf4/20/2012People v Moreno
141381-Opinion.pdf3/26/2012People v Evans (Lamar)
142076-Opinion.pdf1/27/2012In Re Honorable James M. Justin
142545, 142547-Opinion.pdf12/21/2011Frazier v Allstate
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