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​Recent Amendments

M Civ JI 30.01 as Adopted.pdf
M Civ JI 30.01 Professional Negligence/Malpractice
MCJI 3.03 As Adopted.pdf
M Civ JI 3.03 Admission of Evidence
MCJI 60.01 As Adopted.pdf
M Civ JI 60.01 Jury Deliberations
Amended MCJI 113.09.pdf
M Civ JI 113.09 Unfair, Unconscionable, or Deceptive Methods, Acts, or Practices-Burden of Proof
And-Or Instructions (as adopted).pdf
Instructions affected: M Civ JI 2.02A; M Civ JI 16.04; M Civ JI 30.01; M Civ JI 36.15; M Civ JI 68.03; M Civ JI 90.22A; M Civ JI 97.06; M Civ JI 97.36; M Civ JI 140.21; M Civ JI 142.19.
Franchise Investment Law Proposal-As Adopted.pdf
New instructions for use in cases alleging a violation of the Michigan Franchise Investment Law