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Court and Clerk

How Do I Prepare for MiF​ILE? 

  • Choose an electronic document management sys​tem (EDMS) ​
  • Make plans for public access to electronic records
  • Consider needs of filers
  • Determine hardware and software needs


Wha​t Should I Know About Implementation?

As recently communicated in a Modification of MiFILE Implementation Rollout Strategy Memo​, the MiFILE implementation team is changing its implementation and rollout strategy to more efficiently and effectively address the complexities of implementation.  The original strategy was structured on geographic location and filing volumes rather than more crucial factors, such as the court's readiness and ability to fully engage with the MiFILE team.  The new strategy not only provides an opportunity to implement as many courts as possible to alleviate some of the COVID-19 impacts, but it will also enable the team to continually improve its implementation methodology.  Some factors that will determine how quickly a court can be onboarded include integration complexity, willingness to accept the current solution, and capacity of the MiFILE implementation team. ​

See MiFILE Brief 10​ for the latest update to the courts regarding implementing and enhancing the MiFILE Standard Solution.

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What Else Shou​​ld I ​K​no​​​​w?

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Court Forms - ​All SCAO-approved court forms will be revised for use with MiFILE.  Check here monthly to keep informed of the changes and other details. 

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Court Rules and e-Filing Standards ​- Michigan Court Rules and e-Filing standards have been adopted to support e-Filing and to ensure a consistent and reliable experience for the filers and courts.  Check here for articles that explain these changes. 

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Traini​ng  - ImageSoft will provide system training through various methods to court clerks, court staff, judges, and attorneys​ during and after implementation. 

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Ongoing ​Support - ImageSoft will provide ongoing support to courts during and after implementation. ImageSoft will also provide support for filers.

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