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​Performance:  Court Metrics and Evidence-Based Practices

Customer Service

Why It Matters​ ​ ​

​Trial Court Public Satisfaction








State Court Administrative Office Customer Service

Michigan is leading the nation in transforming its judiciary to increase efficiency, embrace technology and measure performance to improve service to the public.  In particular, SCAO's performance measures initiative is helping the judiciary open a window to court operations so that success can be duplicated and concerns can be addressed.  The annual Public Satisfaction Survey is key to this initiative.  By asking the public to provide feedback, courts can recognize successful efforts and target areas for additional attention.  It is a valuable management and decision-making tool.




SCAO also conducts a satisfaction survey of its customers – the trial courts – to assess and build upon its customer-focused culture.  By obtaining feedback from trial court judges, administrators, and staff, this office can continually improve its services which ultimately help trial courts serve the public.



2014 Trial Court Public Satisfaction Survey Results


2013 Trial Court Public Satisfaction Survey Results​




2014 SCAO Customer Satisfaction Survey Results