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​Technology:  Supporting Timeliness, Efficiency, Access

Video Equipment


Why It Matters​ ​ ​

​Video Equipment  

​Videoconferencing technology is more than a convenience for those who would otherwise have to attend court hearings in person.  It saves time and money, particularly when a prisoner is involved.  Using video conferencing, a defendant held in a jail or prison can attend a court hearing without the risks and costs involved in having the prisoner transported by two armed officers.  All counties have video equipment in at least one courtroom in the county.  The percentage of counties with video equipment in all courtrooms is 93%.  By the end of 2014, 64% of judges had access to a virtual courtroom.  In 2014, over 4,400 state prisoners attended court by video, saving the state $2.8 million in transportation and security expenses.

Videoconferencing Technology


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Video "Transports" by Michigan Department of Corrections