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Mask Up Michigan Courts 


Resources for courts


​​A M​essage from Chief Justic​e Bridget M. McCormack

Since the pandemic began, I have discovered two important facts: First, that time goes by faster and faster; and second, there is more information available to digest than humanly possible. We have more information to review than ever before but less time to do it.

That’s why our tech team created this new search function to enable all users to conveniently tap into the wealth of information and resources we have produced regarding the judicial branch’s response to COVID-19.  Whether you are seeking information about landlord/tenant cases and eviction diversion, or virtual courtrooms and YouTube streaming, the judiciary and the public can use this search engine to quickly and easily get where they need to go without having to search the entire One Court of Justice website.  

This space will be reserved to highlight the most recent publications or to highlight important past publications that may have gone “under the radar” during the crisis.

Search COVID-19 Res​ources by Ke​​​​yword