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Use the By Party Name search to locate the Court opinions and orders for a specific party name. The party name can be the name of an individual or organization. Do not include a comma and use only one space to separate names. Search Tips
(Lastname Firstname Middle Initial OR Company Name)

Use the By Docket Number search to locate the Court opinions and orders for a specific case docket number. Choose either Supreme Court or Court of Appeals. Search Tips

Party names in adoption and termination of parental rights appeals are suppressed from search results.
Contact the COA or MSC clerk's office at (517) 373-0786 and (517) 373-0120, respectively,
for publicly available information regarding active adoption or termination of parental rights appeals.

Color Key:
Case title appears in red for Supreme Court opinions.
Case title appears in blue for Court of Appeals published opinions.
Case title appears in black for Court of Appeals unpublished opinions.
Case title appears in green for orders.
& signifies that the document is the official reported version of the opinion.
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Use the By Keyword search to perform a full text search on all Court opinions and orders based on a specific keyword. Select a search scope and then type the keyword or phrase. Search Tips
Use the Advanced search to locate Court opinions and orders by selecting criteria in the provided fields. The required fields are the Date and Status fields. Both of these fields have default values. The remaining fields are optional. Search Tips