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complaints against Courts or their Employees

Concerns or comments about the administration of a specific court or the conduct of a court employee should be made to the court administrator or chief judge of the court involved.  In the alternative, or if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint made to the court, you may request the state court administrator to investigate the trial court by submitting a Request to Investigate Michigan Trial Court.

complaints against Judges

Complaints about the conduct of a judge of the State of Michigan are filed with the Judicial Tenure Commission.

Complaints regarding the conduct of federal judges must be filed with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The complaint cannot be about a judge's legal decision or an existing court order. A judge's decision can only be changed through the appeals process. 


complaints against Attorneys

To make a complaint about the conduct of an attorney, contact the Attorney Grievance​ Commission​ by writing to 535 Griswold Street, Suite 1700, Detroit, MI 48226.  See a list of disciplined attorneys.


complaints against Friends of the Court

Michigan law provides several ways to express concerns about operations of the friend of the court offices.  Grievances or comments cannot be used to complain about a judge's decision.


Formal Grievance Procedure

The formal grievance procedure is for parties dissatisfied with the friend of the court's operations or employees. The grievance procedure requires a grievance to first be filed with the county friend of the court office. The grievance can be prepared on a grievance form or in a letter that is clearly labeled a grievance to the friend of the court office. The friend of the court must respond to the grievance within 30 days.


If parties are not satisfied with the office's response, they may file a further grievance with the chief judge for the circuit court, again using either the grievance form or writing a letter that is identified as being a grievance.

See the Trial Court Directory for the proper chief judge address or the list of friend of the court offices for the address of your local friend of the court office.

If you want information about your friend of the court case, the quickest and easiest way for you to get this information is to call your friend of the court office and use the interactive voice response (IVR) system.


Written Comments to Chief Judge

Issues relating to friend of the court operations can be made through written comments to the chief judge of the court in response to the annual review of the friend of the court. Each year, chief judges are required to conduct a review of the friend of the court, normally in June. Any comments received are included in the summary of the review and the report is filed in July.

Grievance to Citizen Advisory Committee

Comments on friend of the court operations can be made through a local citizen advisory committee, if the county elected to appoint one. If appointed, the committee may advise the chief judge and the county board of commissioners about the friend of the court's duties and performance and the community's needs relating to the office's services.  A citizen advisory committee, if appointed, can answer grievances related to a business operations issue of the friend of the court office.  Contact a representative of the board of commissioners or the local friend of the court office for information about the existence and operation of your county's citizen advisory committee.


complaints against Court Reporters or Recorders

Complaints or comments about a specific court reporter or recorder should be made, in writing, to the Michigan Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review, PO Box 30048, Lansing, MI 48909. See more information about the Michigan Court Reporting and Recording Board of Review.

Complaints Against foreign language Interpreters

You can file a complaint against an interpreter for misconduct.  A complaint must be sent in writing to or the Foreign Language Board of Review, P.O. Box 30048, Lansing, MI 48909 using the LEPcomplaint form.pdf.  The complaint should describe in detail the incident and the alleged incompetence, misconduct, or omission.

Complaints ABout E-Filing

The judiciary is committed to promptly and thoroughly addressing grievances regarding access to electronic filing assistance. You can file a complaint by completing the grievance section of form MC 98 and submitting the form to the court. The court must respond in writing to a grievance within five business days using the response section of form MC 98​. The court administrator is required to provide the grievance and court response to the person who submitted the grievance, the chief judge, and the appropriate regional administrator of the SCAO.